Smoking butts one day and re-heating the next day

Discussion in 'Pork' started by holen1edd, Apr 3, 2012.

  1. holen1edd

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    I need some advice.  I have a Masters Golf BBQ every year.  This is my 7th yr.  It seems to get larger every year.  My question is can I smoke the butts on Sat., and finish the cooking process on Sun. on the smoker or oven.  This year I will be smoking 4 8lbs butts.  Any recommendations.  It gets to be a long day cooking at 3:00am and serving around 3:00pm.  Thanks in advance.
  2. raptor700

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    Yes, you can smoke them Sat and warm them up on Sun.

    When they're done, let them rest in the foil. When the IT reaches 140º you need to chill them down to 40º within 4 hours.

    You could place them in a fridge over night to keep them cool.

    When you warm them up you can use an oven or a smoker set at 275º or higher.

    Hope this helps.
  3. rdknb

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    I would smoke them fully on Sat and then heat up Sun.  I do that all the time, for the reheat I like to use steam.
  4. Best deal is to get someone to help and work in two shifts.  6 hours each. I think that's better than cooking, then wrapping, into refrigerator, then back on the cooker next day. Better yet get help, buy lots of brewskies, everyone stay there and party 12 hours.

    July 14th I have a smoke scheduled for approx. 500 people. Sides will be done by others and I only have to do the butts.

    Party Time
  5. rdknb

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    I would fully smoke them Sat and then reheat on Sun.  I do that all the time.  For the reheat I like to use steam.
  6. scarbelly

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    I have done it many times. Fully cook on Sat with a pan under them to catch the drippings. Wrap the butts in towels for an hour to finish the cook and while you are resting them, defat the liquid from the cook and add a little apple cider if needed so you have enough liquid.  After an hour, shred them into a pan and add the liquid. 

    At this point you can go several directions.  If the pan's will fit into the fridge once they cool down (this is important - let them cool don't stick hot food in the fridge) then cover them and stick in the fridge.  It you cant fit the pans then bag them up. You can reheat in the oven, a big roaster or several crock pots.  

    Good luck and take lots of pics
  7. smokingranby

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    Throw them on for about 6 hours to get the smoke and bark.  Then wrap them in foil and put in the oven over night at 225.  I do this all the time and no one knows the difference.  It shreds up great and is very moist. Plus the house smells awesome. 
  8. x2 to everything Scarbelly said! The easiest way to rewarm (in my opinion) is in a disposable foil covered aluminum roasting pan in the oven with a little liquid if needed. No dishes to wash when it is all eaten, and it will be!
  9. msuman

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    How much liquid do you add back to it while reheating?

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  10. sprky

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    I do alot of pork the same way scarbelly does. You want to add enough liquid to make the meat very moist but not soupy. I have used my big roaster to reheat pork and that worked out great. 
  11. chef jimmyj

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    Scarbelly X4...It is important that you PULL the pork for storage and reheat. Cooling and Reheating an entire Butt just takes too long and the meat is in the danger zone for extended periods twice. I'm a big fan of reheating in a Crock Pot or Roaster but using disposable pans, covered, and in the oven at 300-325*F is an option as well...JJ
  12. rbranstner

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    I'm with Scar and Jimmy I fully cook then pull the butts and then put them in the fridge for the night and warm them the next day in a crock pot or a big roaster pan. You can buy plastic liners for both crock pots or roasters these days so there isn't much you need to clean up.

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