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Discussion in 'Pork' started by waburkhead, Mar 7, 2012.

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    Hey everyone, I have a question or 2.  I have 2 butts that weight about 9 lbs each, and I would like to smoke at the same time, around 225.  How long do you all think it might take to finish?  I plan on smoking until 160, then foil to 200.

    Another question, what would the butt be like if I did one of them foiled from the start and the 'unfoiled' near the end to 'brown.'

    Thanks for the help!
  2. Waburkhead

    I would figure about 1 1/2 per pound foiled and closer to 2 hrs per pound for unfoiled 
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    Butts are like women, fickle. I normally figure 12 hours. I did 16 last weekend and some were done in 8 hours and a couple took a little over 12, just stick to your 200 internal and they will let you know when they are ready. I actually take mine to 205. They keep hot for hours in a cooler wrapped in foil.
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    The wrapped butt will not pick up nearly as much smoke flavor as the unwrapped butt.  You may as well throw it in the oven to cook it.   We normally keep it in the smoke to 165 or so then wrap in foil to 200 or so.  After it hits 200 we place it in an ice chest wrapped in towels for a couple of hours to let the connective tissue break down and the butts gets darn tender and delicious.    If you really want to you can toss back on the smoker after you foil it and it reaches 200 but most of us are pretty tired of waiting for the darn thing to break it's stall by then that we just toss it in the ice chest.

    Ronald gave you some good estimates but remember a Butt is done when it is done.  Don't be surprised if they take 2hrs per pound and don't be surprised it they take an hour a pound.  No telling.

    Good luck,  looking forward to some Qview
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    Like Tim (bama) said the butt smokes on it's own. You can allow about an 1 1/2 per pound is good but don't bet the house on it. My smoker will smoke oine in about 7-8 hours but that my smoke. Now sounds like you have a good plan to me and you just have to remember that a butt can stay in a cooler with some towels for many hours. I mean tht you could hqave it in the cooler for maybe 5-6 hours and it will still burn your hands when you pull it. So good luck and don't forget the Q-view/pictures 
  6. My rule of thumb on butts (foil at 160*) = 1.5 hrs per lb and add 2 hrs.  As far as I've seen, they seem to be done in that time range more often than not.

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