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  1. I just got my SMOKING IT smoker and did my first brisket. The rub was fantastic and the flavor was great but the meat was not tender. Any suggestions on what i needed to do. I smoked it 4 1/2hrs at 220 and the double wrapped it in tin foil and smoked it for 2 more hours. Not very tender.
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    See my e-mail to you.
  3. It should cook longer. Time and temp are indicators to start checking for tenderness.
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    What was the final IT of the meat? And did you let it rest?
  5. That was my problem. I only got it to just over 180. I did let it rest for 45 minutes. I should have got it to at least 190 and let it rest longer from what i'm learning. Thanks for all the advice. I'm sure next time will be better.
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    Yeah, 180 is too early. And a rest in double foil with a little liquid and wrapped in a towel or blanket for at least an hour, 2 better, is when the magic happens.
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    Don't smoke to a target temp as sometimes a brisket is done at 190, or 200, or 205 or even more.  Lots of variables go into what the finished IT needs to be on a particular smoke.    Instead, use the poke/probe test.   Get temp probe or the like and stick it into a couple of spots on the thickest part of the flat.  When it goes in and out with little to no resistance, like a knife through warm butter, the brisket is ready.
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  8. Thanks for the advice. I'll try that next time.
  9. This thread just helped me out tremendously hahaha. I'm new to smoking and am planning to cook a small 3 1/2 pound flat half brisket in my electric smoker today. So wish me luck because I have a little knowledge that I've picked up from reading a couple threads and still feel like I'm winging it. Hopefully she comes out nice so I can take pics lol
  10. Yeah, a little under done

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    When you think about cooking beef, it's really hard to understand that temps as high as 190 - 200 aren't overcooking.  We are so programed to thinking steak and medium rare to rare.   I'm also learning that brisket is a totally different cut of beef that needs a totally different method of cooking.  That's why I started hanging out learn. So do like I'm doing, read, absorb, try.  Then share your experience so we all can continue to learn. 

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