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  1. I need more info on the resting and wrapping and putting a Butt into a cooler, never done that before, what does that help with. Thanks
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    When the Butt gets above 165* you have some options. Continue Smoking to 205*F or wrapping in a double layer of foil with some Apple Juice or other liquid you like, wrap tightly and continue in the Smoker or move to the Oven at 300*F and continue to 205*F for Pulling. You can do the same with a foil covered pan. When you get to 205*F the meat needs to rest. Placing the wrapped meat in a cooler for an 1 hour gets this done allowing the meat to get very tender and be easily pulled. In the event the meat is done earlier than you wish to eat, you can add some towels or blanket above and below the meat in the cooler and it will stay Hot up to 5-6 hours...JJ
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  3. sumosmoke

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    Adding the butts to the cooler, where they will stay warm for 5-7 hours (as Chef JimmyJ said), and will buy you some nap time! [​IMG]
  4. I have just tried this on my last smoke I think the cooler helps alot!  real juicey tender meat! 
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    New to boston butt, when you suggest  a cooler....on ice?
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    Empty cooler no ice, It will keep the meat warm.
  7. mr500

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    I did a turkey for t day last year. Took it off at around 5 in the morn. Doubled wrapped in heavy duty sams foil, tossed her in a cooler with about 3-4 heavy towels.

    We ate at about 2 - 2:30 the same day and the damn turkey was almost as hott as when I took her off the smoker 8 hours earlier.

    And it was a taste like I never had. OMG was that thing good.!!!!!!!!!  So the cooler DEFF helps....

    i double foil and use heavy thick towels. Works GREAT!!!

  8. If you choose to move it to the oven after foiling why do you cook it at 300 when you normally smoke it between 225-250?
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    It allows the meat's juices to reincorporate themselves into the meat fibers rather than running out. Think about it this way, when you cook a steak and slice it right away, you end up with a big puddle of juice on the plate. However, if you give it a few minute's rest, this doesn't happen. Same thing goes for pork butt. The meat will essentially soak up all the juice that has been "squeezed out" of the fibers during the cooking process, leading to more tender, juicy pulled pork. An hour or so is all that's necessary, but you can hold in a cooler for several hours if your serving time doesn't mesh with the time the pork comes out of the smoker.
  11. sounds like a great answer to me!! thanks!
  12. Anytime!
  13. bigblue

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    does foiling and wrapping make the skin soft (not crispy ) and the bark on a butt soft (i like it crispy ) and if it does what to do ?
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    Are you talking foiling during the cooking, or during the rest period? During the cooking yes it will prevent a crispy bark. During the rest period, no it won't.
  15. If you're that fanatical about it (and some of us are) feel free to slice the bark off before wrapping it to rest. It's what I do. A little pruning here and there won't "break the dam" and ruin your butt. Some folks get disappointed that that bark doesn't end up in their pulled/chopped pork, but the cook always gets some bennies anyway.

    Besides, when a butt or brisket is resting for 2-3 hours before service, those little burned ends and cracklins can stave off the devouring hoards during the wait!
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    It is not necessary to cooler butts at all, unless it gets done early or you need a nap, as sumomoke suggests. I take mine off when done, cover it with foil for 10-15 mins and then pull and serve, anything else is not needed IMHO.
  17. cricky101

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    This is what I do too. Sometimes I let it sit a little longer until it's cooled down enough to pull without scorching my fingers.

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