Smoking Boston Butt tomorrow

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  1. Went to a local BBQ place last night and had terrible PP, so i decided Im gonna make my own and i love to consume mass amounts of ribs and pulled pork and briskest. So i purchases the smaller Webers Smokey Mountain with some Apple chunks. I put it together today and am running a test run to play with temps.

    I bought a 5.75lbs Boston butt that i plan to pull apart for pulled pork. Ill start rolling the smoke around 8am as i figure 1.5hour/lbs in general until a good therm that i need to buy hits 200* ill keep the grill temp around 230-250 i believe is what I read. As far as a dry rub i still need to research one and my finishing sauce as well. Ill be buying the maverick et732 soon. Ill spray it down with some apple juice every hour or so then wrap her and add some for a baste until internal temps hit the required degree. Still more research to do but ill post some pictures as i go.
  2. Hello.  Sounds like a plan to me.  You will find plenty of recipes for rubs and sauces ( Chef JJ has several ).  How about swinging by Roll Call and introduce yourself so that we can give you a proper Howdy.  Good luck.  Keep Smokin!

  3. Any idea why photobucket pictures don't work here? What's this q view I have read about? Trying to show off the butt!
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