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Discussion in 'Beef' started by gary s, Jan 28, 2013.

  1. I usually always cook pork ribs, I have smoked Beef ribs once, they turned out pretty good. I want some great beef ribs. I have a reverse flow (you can see a picture in my profile) any and all suggestions would be appreciated. I live in East Texas, but finding good beef ribs is somewhat of a problem. Everyone cooks pork ribs so there is not a big demand for the beef. The ribs I have seen look pretty trimmed down, if know what I mean. Not extreamly meaty, but a fair amount.  Seasoning and cooking times, foil or no foil all woul be helpful.
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    I did some this weekend. Used the 3-2-1 method as many others here have.. They turned out very good! I used a terriyaki/moho foiling sauce and glaze.
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    Go to your grocery store and ask what kinds of beef ribs they have in the back. Most all grocery stores sell beef short ribs in some form or another. Ask the butcher himself if he or she can sell them to you in whole slabs. I have a butcher that will sell them to me in whole slabs, which is how I like to cook them. Each slab has four bones. 

         What I like about short ribs is the amount of meat that sits on top of the bone. I like to do them for anywhere from 4-5 hours at 250F. I like to just put on some SPOG on any beef. 
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    This shows you all the meat these things have.
  5. Sure did not get many replies, guess not very many people smoke Beef Ribs. Not that I can't  just wanted some input. 
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    Personally , I love beef ribs , but I seem to be in the minority at my house. And , like you , I find it hard to get nice meaty beef ribs , so I tend not to do them that often.

    I did do some not too long ago , and I used the 3-2-1 method , but they were burnt to hell after the 2.... So if you do them , I would advise that you check on them after a couple hours and then every half hour or so , cuz they can get ruined fast.
    I used Montreal steak seasoning on these and the flavor was excellent. Just too bad I dried em out.

    One of the other things I've heard people say is that you have to go to the market and talk to the butcher about getting beef ribs if you want meaty ones. I am shy about doing that , but honestly , when I do they couldn't be more helpful.
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    I guess not. I prefer the flavor of beef any day of the week. Maybe just a Texan thing I guess.
  8. I don't have a lot of expierence with beef ribs.  Like you I have trouble finding good ones around here.  Checked with a friend of mine though who makes some very good beef ribs. 

    He uses salt, pepper and garlic powder for the seasoning, nothing more.  He foils first to help render out some of the fat, usually about 60-90 mins depending on the size of the ribs, then smokes for 60-120 minutes depending on the size of the ribs and then refoils with a bit of the juice drippings from the original foiling.  Not sure on how long he cooks at that point.  After that he finishes by glazing with sauce. 

    Not sure if there is anything else he does but I was going to try it myself.  Have not got around to it yet though.

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