Smoking Beef. lisyed on the package (from butcher) ARM POT ROAST

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    D Idk quite how to post pics on here, yet....but I'll figure it out. I pulled from our freezer of fresh farmer grain fed beef. This is one of the last roast I have saved cuz I don't really know what to do with it, nor have I ever had this cut. Its already 7 p.m. so smoking it , is probably out cuz its a good sized roast. (Between 5.5-65 lbs ) not sure. Anuhow whats the best way to smoke one of these very odd cuts of pot roast? If I can do something to it tonight, tjen smoke it for tomorrow, I will. As far as tonight I think we'll go for hamburgers & hot dogs instead of smoking this, "pot roast" tonight. Plz with ideas. Everyon has helped so much . We've had sone pretty good pork, now we're tryen beef.
    If any of u have an easy way, via mobile device of uploading pics I'd b happy to share our b4 and after shots. Just not quite sure how too.
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