Smoking baby back ribs on a Traeger Elite (fall off the bone)

Discussion in 'Pork' started by princeeofsin, Jan 5, 2016.

  1. princeeofsin

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    Hello Everyone. I'm Jamey

        For Christmas, I got a Traeger Elite cooker. I'm soo excited to use it! I love ribs. I would like to know the BEST way to smoke ribs till they practically fall off the bone. This is my FIRST time ever using a Traeger cooker so any input will help. Thank You! [​IMG]
  2. smokingearl

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    2 hours at 225

    2 hours wrapped in foil with some apple juice or maybe beer

    1 hour back in without foil and maybe some sauce if you like.

    look for about 1/4 inch pullback of meat from the bones.

    hold up one end until when it bends, the meat cracks open.

    fall of the bones actually means overcooked. but that's how me and my family like them.
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  3. princeeofsin

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    Thanks! Can't wait to try it!![​IMG]
  4. dirtsailor2003

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    Many ways to skin a cat. I prefer to not foil pork ribs. Baby backs and Spares I like to run straight on the grate.

    Baby backs will take 4-5 hours spares 5-6 runnin 225-250.

    I'd recommend using a rub that has no or low amounts of sugar to avoid over carmelization and burnt bark.

    If you want to sauce, sauce the last 45 minutes or so. As mentioned bone pull back and picking up the rack looking for the bend is the best method to check for doneness.

    And remember if you're looking you ain't cooking, keep that smoker closed up!
  5. camg

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    either way you smoke them if you get them to 180 and they hold there for 30 mins they should be fall off the bone because at 180 the fat breaks down
  6. smokinal

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    Use a thermapen between the bones, at 195 they melt in your mouth.

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