Smoking Baby Back Ribs for Dad

Discussion in 'Pork' started by splitfinger09, Jun 14, 2014.

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    Well tomorrow I am going to smoke some ribs for my dad that I got at the butcher.  I paid $5.99 a lb for them so I would really like them to turn out perfect.  I usually get the cheper ones but hey Fathers Day is only once a year right.  My setup is WSM and BBQ Guru.  So a few questions.  Rub them down tonight or right before I cook them?  Also I have seen people use mustard.  Whats the popular opinion on this?  Last time I did ribs I cooked at 225 deg 2-2-1 and they seemed a little dry to me.  I am thinking maybe I should lower the temp some.  Maybe 210? Also maybe cut the time back some as well.  To foil or not to foil? Is this a trick for competions only or should I keep foiling?  I plan on mixing some apple juice and olive oil in a spray bottle and basting the ribs every hour or so.  Fill the water pan in the WSM?  Thanks for all help and input.  
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    Ya can rub them down tonite or a few before puttin them on the smoker, I've done em both ways ! If ya have a busy day planned for tomorrow, ya may wanna do them tonite ! Some folks use a binder..... Mustard, EVOO or peanut oil & some don't .... IMO, personal preference but I've always opted for the binder !

    The 2-2-1 method, remember is only a guideline.... Some folks hold true as true can be to the 2-2-1, but each rack of ribs are different and ya may have to kinda tweak the method a little to your liking.... I tried foiling once & never foiled again, IMO I like the ribs better not foiled.... I like them with a little tug off the bone, not a personal fan of fall off the bone, but if that's how ya like them then foiling may be a better option for ya !

    Ya may have overdone the last ones or just had a bad rack or two, anything is possible ! I would not lower you temp, 225* is a great temp for ribs.... Just keep an eye on them! You can do the toothpick test, if a toothpick slides in with little resistance, they are done or watch the meat at the end of the bones shrink or pull back from the bones or the bend test.... Bend test is not for fall off the bone ribs !

    I, like a lot of WSM users on here have put sand in the water pan as it's a great temp regulator and ya can put a few layers of foil over the sand for easy cleanup....

    Hope this helps, good luck & post some pics ! :beercheer:

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