Smoking and reheating pork loin

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by sirchad, Aug 26, 2014.

  1. sirchad

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    Planning ahead for a larger than normal smoke for labor day.  I'm gonna do about 10 pork loins for a party.  I'm wondering if I can smoke them the night before or the morning of the party and have them for supper around 6.  Is there a preferred way to reheat, or keep these pork loins warm??
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    Sirchad , first welcome to our forum . WE hope you find it a new home for all your smoking news and info.

    Your Loins will a snap. IMHO , I would take them to 165*F and set back for later. This will have them at Med. and a re-heating won't harm them (make them tough and over cooked).

    You can put them in Vac bags and heat in boiling water , OR serve them as coldcut Sammies. . Good on a Summer's day. Add some Libations and Pop for the Kids and your party is set.

    Hope you have a happy party ,oh,yes, if you don't already have one, get a decent Therm. . You'll be glad you did. You have time, order from Todd. [​IMG]

    Later. . .
  3. sirchad

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    Thanks for the tip.  I'm set on the thermometers!  Never have done a smoke and waited to eat what I've made for more than a few minutes!! lol

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