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    Need some help on how to smoke this piece of meat.  I have never cooked wild pork and most people say it is strong and tuff.  Any tips on how to prepare this on my smoker, a upright propane smoker with 3 racks, would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Canecutter23
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    I would expect that ham to be more lean that the average porker leg.  I would brine it first to soften the flavor and tenderize the meat.  This will also serve as an extra measure of food safety in case the brute had some sort of bug.  Search the forum for brines to find a recipe that sounds appealing to you.  You might also consider injecting your brine into the meat with a syringe.

    Like all other smokes, low and slow will be the key.  As an extra measure of protection against drying out, you might want to employ one or both of these ideas: drape bacon over the ham &/or spritz with apple juice.  Also make sure you have a pan of water between the leg and your fire to keep temps stable and moisture up in the smoker.  Smoke to temp, not time.  165* is minimum for pork safety, unless you want to pull it, then it's foil at 165* and take it to 195-205*.  (Not sure I would try that first time around.)

    You can use any wood that suits your fancy, as this meat will take just about any smoke you can throw at it.

    Cheers, and don't forget the q-view!
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