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Discussion in 'Pork' started by chorizodahitman, Oct 24, 2014.

  1. Tailgating pretty hard tomorrow so I decided to do a 40+ pound hog. Got some great info from SmokedStanley, wondering if anyone has anything else. I'm pretty nervous about it. Thanks everyone.
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    Lot of folks here have done them...I don't think you'll have much trouble doing a 40 pounder. That's like 4 large butts, no? should be easy to flip around. Perhaps a chicken wire wrap to contain the beast if you're grilling it. You never mentioned the procedure you plan to use or the gear. My understanding is most of the heat is concentrated under the hams and shoulders...the loin and ribs will cook indirectly for the most part. Here is the list produced by the handy dandy search bar search. HTH, Willie
  3. Smoking it on a Traeger Texas. I have done a search, that was how I found SmokedStanley's recent thread. Wanted to condense though for this. Planning on making an injection, mustard rub for the inside, and a salt rub for the skin. Just nervous if I'm missing something. The times are so varied reading the different sites and threads.
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    Roger that.....all variables and throw in Murphys Law for good measure. Have you scoped out You Tube for vids? I find that place highly useful for some sausage making, SS, pit cooks etc. Willie......I think you'll be fine. It's my understanding some folks drink adult beverages at these tailgate things which makes everything taste better, no?
  5. There is a fairly good chance 1-2 beers will be had. Thinking about doing a couple of butts inside of the hog as well. Have read people stuffing hogs with butts, or even chickens, any thoughts?

    And yes, that is me with Johnny!
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  6. I do a couple hogs every year. a 40lb hog won't give you a whole lot of edible meat, so butts might be a good plan. I usually shoot for betwen 1 1/2 -2 lbs of uncooked hog per person. If you want a faster cook time leave them out of the hog if you have room rather than stuffing.
  7. I really wanted to do it low and slow like SmokedStanley. So I wanted to stuff butts underneath, especially so the loins don't cook as fast. Good/bad idea?
  8. Yeah if you want to do a low slow cook, then should be no problem to stuff. Just gotta make sure they are cooked through before pulling. Otherwise should be good, can't wait to see pics.
  9. Let us know how it comes out, good luck

  10. Ok. Here is the hog. What do you guys think?
  11. When will you be smoking it. Do you have a picture of your equipment.

  12. Going to throw it on after I dress it. So 8 pm mountain time.

  13. Injecting and seasoning it now.

  14. Pretty liberal dusting of John Henry's rub. Going to stuff the cavity with two 4.5 pound pork loins. 28 minutes

  15. It is on! So excited! Thanks for the help

  16. Two hours in and looking good

  17. 4 hours. Smells amazing.

  18. Half way point!
  19. At the 8 hour mark.
  20. Looks great, when do we come over.

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