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  1. So I stopped smoking cigarettes 4 weeks ago after 20years. And now im into the eating stage like never before.

    So Im going to smoke a turkey Big turkey 22lbs to be exact. Anyone who seen me do ribs or chicken knows I cook that for 8 hours or more. Well by theory im going to try to smoke this turkey for 15hours oak and apple.
    No injection mernade. Just smoke. So I will start smoking sat morning at around 3 am. And finish around 6pm going to post pics every hour. Dont even know if the grill can handle it.
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    What Temp are you going to smoke it at? Seems like a little long on the cooking time.

  3. 200-215 the entire time. Charcoal and wood.
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    IMHO That meat is going to be in the danger zone for a long time. 40* F to 140* F in 4 hrs for safety.

  5. Turkey will start out on preheated unit at 275-300 then slowly backed down within the hour,but going to end up at 215. So I feel safe also its not getting stuffed open cavity.
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    "200-215 the entire time. Charcoal and wood."

    Going by your original reply 

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    Howdy, CS!

    Congratulations on giving up tobacco. I, too, smoked for 20 years then gave 'em up cold turkey (no pun intended). That was almost 40 years ago that I quit, but I remember how difficult it was. My advice is to just hang in there. After 2 weeks the cravings diminish significantly but will resurface at times you used to enjoy a smoke. When that happens, remind yourself that if you smoke just one, you will be smoking a pack a day - or more - in a week. All you have to do is not smoke that 'one.'

    As for the turkey, it sounds like you've got a plan. It it was me, I'd use my Maverick 733 to monitor the IT of the bird for the first 4 hours. If it didn't pass the 40 to 140 in 4 test, I wouldn't eat it.

    One think I used to do when smoking birds was to put some brown sugar in a cup/tray of aluminum foil and place it near enough to the coals that it would heat up and smoke. Gives a nice sweet taste to the turkey and darkens its color.

    Good Luck! (Knowing that you don't need it for the turkey but might for dropping the tobacco habit.)
  8. Its

    Thanks for the advice. Never did the brown sugar trick,but I do a spray of brown sugar, soy,vinegar,and worchester. Turns out very well on a drunken chicken. I will keep an eye on tempature. Thanks again
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    When I quit smoking(cigarette) I gained 100 pounds you really want to combine quitting with some kind of workout and diet.....which sucks because your aggy from quitting
  11. Well whats worse smoking and lung cancer? Or being a fat body with heart disease?
    Not sure if helthy is always worth it.
  12. cofi

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    My doctor at the time told me it woulda been healthier to keep smoking then gain weight as rapidly as I did

    That being said I've since lost 50 of those pounds and am feeling better then ever
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    Congrats on quitting smoking.  The last time I quit (for 8 years) everybody told me I would put on a few extra pounds.  Was looking forward to that, but I never gained a pound.  Guess I'm just supposed to be skin and bones.  Maybe you'll luck out too.

  14. Well im glad you feel better since that loss. Im sure you would. I am already over 200lbs hope I dont go over 300. Its hard either way to deal with. I hate the smell of cigarettes since I quit and cant even tolerate being in the same room as a smoker. I cant believe I smelled like that for 20 years. Wow. Well hope you stay healthy and ill try my best here.
  15. Well I dont think im on the luck streak of you gary. Already hit 7 pounds in a month. Keeping my fingers crossed hopefully its a fluke.
  16. Ok here we go seasonin a turkey. I prefer a under the skin and over the skin seasoning. 1 being basic the other not so much.
    Under the skin
    1-stick of butter (softened)
    1tsp- Charcoles corn rub
    2tsp-black pepper
    2tsp-old bay
    1tsp-smokehouse maple
    1tbl-Italian seasoning
    1/4tsp-garlic salt
    1/2 of meduim size onion.

    Mix all ingredients until blended easier. To use hands. Let chill in fridge for 1 hour.
  17. Outside skin rub
    Mix and coat exterior of bird. Now let all seanonings under skin and rub to set in bird for 12 hours or overnight.
  18. Here is a picture of skin with seasoning underneath.
  19. And bird with outside rubbed.
    Going to put in smoke 3 am
  20. Now I will be using a spray seasoning to saturate during process. Reasoning is because this is actually cook on a baking sheet not in pan. I will provide you with that recipe also.

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