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  1. hi everyone"hubby" and we want to smoke our christmas turkey.  we have smoked alot of steelhead trout but never meat before.  why and with what do you spray meat while smoking?  this is a masterbuilt 40" lp gas smoker.  any suggestions?
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    I always brine my turkeys overnight prior to smoking.  I do not spray the turkey while smoking.  I set my smoker on a temp to make sure I avoid problems with the 4 hour rule.  I usually do a 12-15 pounder.  You must get the turkey to above 140 degrees in less than 4 hours to avoid possibilities of someone getting sick.  I use hickory pellets for my turkeys as my bunch likes that taste the best.  Enjoy the smoke and be safe.  I forgot to mention that turkeys are done when the IT reaches 165, keep a close eye on your internal temps so that you don't overcook. 
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    I don't spray meat. For a turkey you want to make sure the skin is dry. You can use a towel or a fan. Give it a rub. You can get the rub under the skin the best you can. You can put some butter under the skin. Get you smoker up to 325° if you can. If you can't get 325° you won't get crispy skin. If you go that route finish it in a 325° or higher oven or grill. I prefer a fruit wood with poultry. Keep the door shut. If you have a water pan fill it with sand or gravel and wrap with foil. You want a temp of 165° in the breast and 170° in the thigh. Let rest at least 30 min before carving.

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  4. what temp do you suggest?  i noticed that the temp gauge on the exterior door isn't very accurate
  5. love to, how do i go to roll call ?
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    The higher the temp makes for better skin on poultry in my opinion plus helping with the 4 hour rule.  You could start with 275 and see what happens.  It is important to have an accurate temperature.  I suggest a Maverick thermometer to monitor smoker temps.  I use a thermapen to monitor internal temp of the meat.  You never did say what size turkey you are going to smoke.    
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  8. 13 lb.  plan to brine it first.  by the way what eactly is the 4 hour rule?

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