Smoking a Turkey and a Duck

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  1. We are new owners of an electric smoker. There are 2 racks and a drip pan. I want to have the duck on the top rack and the turkey on the rack below it and cook at the same time. I will brine my turkey and stuff the cavity with apples and onion. I will season the duck with salt and pepper and smoke with hickory wood. I envision the duck basting the turkey as it cooks. Has anyone done this or have any tips for me. Cook time advise is needed and do I use a pan or no pan for the turkey?
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    That is a pretty good plan...But only put 1 quartered apple and 1 quartered onion, in the Cavity...Too much stuff can Slow down Heat transfer in a Smoker and there are Bacteria Growth Risks....That combo is going to generate a bunch of Drippings, I would use a Pan...The Fat can be saved to make Super Tasty Sauteed Potatoes...and the rest of the Dripping should be used to make Gravy!

    Welcome to the SMF Family...Go over to Roll Call and introduce yourself. Give some info about you including location equipment you own and your experience...JJ
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    What JJ said. Welcome to SMF!
  5. Today is the first chance I have had to get back and comment on our duck and turkey. Both came out fantastic!!! I put the turkey on at 12 am in a pan, and I put the duck on at 7 am on the rack. They both cooked till 2 pm. It was about 30 degrees outside for most of the night, We will definently do this again.
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    welcome to SMF! as JJ said be careful stuffing the bird too full as it will run risk of bacterial growth.
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    And the pictures (Q-VIEW)  are [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG].........

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