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  1. Smoking a rib roast may not be the wisest thing to do...or...perhaps the best...I've seen injectable flavours, rubs, flavours of chips etc. i have one request if one may surmise me of the answer...I'm looking for a smoky flavour at a 165 degree doneness with a hint of flavour throughout.

    I have a Two Door Masterbuilt smoker built

    by Bass Pro....what should i use for rub....should i inject it,....what flavour chips to use....what flavour liquid to use....any advise welcome 


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    Hmm, I've never felt the need to inject beef, especially the rib roast...poultry, and, once in a while, pork, but never beef. Whole beef rib has a good balance of fat to muscle ratio and doesn't need much enhancement to taste good. A simple seasoning of SPOG (salt, pepper, onion, garlic) yields very good flavor. Once you inject, you no longer have an intact whole muscle meat, so treat it accordingly...see the heading in the FOOD SAFETY forum.

    Hickory for smoke...toss in some pecan and/or cherry along with it, if you like. I have used 3 to 4 smoke wood combos and they were all good. Apple is a bit lighter than cherry, and pecan has a more pungent aroma and deeper flavor...hickory is sharp, but somewhat sweet. Mesquite is a very heavy, earthy flavor and aroma...I use it sparingly with any foods, and usually in combination with a few other woods.

    I know that everyone has their preferences, but 165* finished temp for a rib roast??? I'm a 140*ish guy myself. 165* may yield a bit drier product in some areas of muscles of the rib eye, but overall, there's enough fat in there to hold up reasonably well. I can't vouch for what you should expect, because I never had the guts to take one that high.

    KISS method for whole beef rib has never failed me. Simple prep: cross-hatch score the fat-cap, apply SPOG and rub into scoring. Smoke @ 225-250*F until about 5* below desired internal temp (carry-over will increase temp). Rest for 20-30 minutes before slicing. ENJOY!!!

  3. As in Prime rib? 165 IT? Holy way to well done for me! Max 130, if iserving guests, 125 for the wife and I.

    Simple rub of SPOG, cherry or cherry pecan mix for wood. Smoker temp of 180-200 to a good amount of smoke. Serve with a good Au Jus and fresh horseradish.
  4. I agree fully with Case and Eric IF it is a beef roast. If it's a pork roast, 165* would be good for me.
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    Hi Steves!!

    Nothing wrong with Smoking a Prime Rib----I've done about 20 of them (all between 5 and 7 pounds).

    Like Eric, I'm a 138° to 140° guy.

    Here are two of my favorites done in an MES with Step by Steps:
    Smoked Prime Rib (Panned #3)   

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    120-125 IT for us. Just salt & pepper for the rub. Enjoy the beef flavor.
  7. did my first rib eye roast today 1 bone 2.5 lbs. on a GMG Davy Crockett pellet. Salt, famous daves steak seasoning, Lee & Perrins Worcestershire , let set in refer 24 hrs. smoked @ 260 2 hrs. then 500 for 20 min. came out great ends were mid. well the rest was med. to med.rare. good or lucky first try. brisket next!! pull temp 150 20min rest 160
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    You might want to take that Brisket a bit higher.

    At 150° or 160° IT you'll have a pretty tough piece of beef.

    I personally like to go to at least 190° to 200° IT.

  9. Smoked rib roast, yummy!  [​IMG]  Keep it simple and all will be well.  I smoke at about 250F with a mix of Hickory and Cherry, SPOG usually but lately Mad Hunky "Just Add Beef" rub  ...... I prefer a finish of 130F myself .....


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