Smoking a Pork Butt with my grandbaby (and sous chef!)

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  1. Happy Friday!

    I catered my brother-in-law's retirement party last weekend - I made it back safely.  After that very busy weekend, My daughter and one of my granddaughters came back home with me.  Me and my grandbaby, Kai (pronounced Ki), are having a great time smoking, cooking and baking!  Yesterday we smoked up a pork butt, beef sausage links and lots of chicken.  Here's my q-views and totally cute pics of my sous chef/granddaughter!  Everyone have a blessed weekend....lots more pics to come!  Josie aka Smoking Vegas Baby!

    My sous chef spritzing the chicken.  She couldn't reach the pork butt!

    spritzing the beef sausage

    My sous chef and granddaughter Kai

    My daughter and granddaughter - Cassandra & Kai (pronounced Ki)

    Me and my beautiful daughter - Cassandra....I'm feeling blessed!

  2. disco

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    Great cooking needs great help. Quite the crew you have there.

    In my humble opinion, time with your family and learning cooking at an early age are great gifts for any young person.

  3. Yep time spent preparing food together are some of my favorite memories. Looks good
  4. AMEN to that Disco.....I'm feeling so blessed today.
  5. for sure Papajeep thanks.

    Be blessed,

  6. crazymoon

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    Josie, good looking food and better looking family ! Keep the pics coming !
  7. thanks CM.....lots more pics to come!

    Be Blessed,

  8. dirtsailor2003

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    Looks like a great time Josie! Get her trained on cranking that sausage stuffer! That's my 9 year olds favorite thing to do!
  9. mr t 59874

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    Josie, you just can't beat cooking with family.  It's good that Kai is learning to pritz before the Scouts outlaw it also.

    Thanks for the popper video, will give them a try.

  10. oh yeah.....making sausage is the next thing on our list lol.  thanks DS - have a blessed weekend.  Josie
  11. you are absolutely right Tom there's is nothing better than cooking with family (especially grandbabies!)  You're welcome for the popper video.  have a great weekend.

  12. waterinholebrew

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    Hey Sis J, that's some great lookin Q there my smokin friend... But even better lookin help ! Ya have such a nice fam my friend ! Great to see ya on, don't be a stranger.... Hoping the best for ya always...

    Bro J
  13. Hey Bro J - thanks for the nice compliment.  I am so blessed with an awesome family and of course some pretty amazing grandbabies!  I've been really busy with catering and keeping myself engaged in SOMETHING.  Today I made a really cute video my granddaughter Kai.  Will be posting it tomorrow sometime.  She is a big ham in front of the camera.....I wonder where she gets that from LOL.  I'm good bro no worries....GOD (and Jerry) are watching over me!  Take care my smoking/brother/friend.  I will be posting again soon.  Be blessed and have a great weekend.  Josie and Sophie
  14. Here's my finished Pulled Pork sammie with all the trimmings; homemade coleslaw, slices of sweet Vidalia onions, and pepperoncini.  This was the first time my daughter had tasted my pulled pork.  I thought my girl was going into a food coma because she couldn't get enough of mama's pulled pork!  here's my Q-view.

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  15. c farmer

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    That sammie looks awesome.

    Great food and family times spent together.
  16. thanks Adam it was great.  time with my daughter and granddaughter..............PRICELESS!  I shot a video yesterday with my granddaughter.  I will post it sometime today or tomorrow.  Say "hey" to Laura.  Have a great weekend my friend.

  17. oldschoolbbq

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    Vegas ,my Sweetheart  . How have you been , I have missed you on the pages .

    Your Sou Chef is a and a sweetheart , and no wonder , look at her Mom .

    You feast looks amazing, as always , and that PP Sandwitch was    Marvelous looking , I could taste it through the Web.

    , and

     My Grand Children . . .

    Have fun and . .
  18. Hey oldschoolbbq nice to hear from ya.  When I get busy it seems like I STAY busy!  Thanks for the nice compliment.  Grandbabies are such a blessing right.  Love the pic of your adorable grandbabies. Great pic of you too my "smoking friend"  thanks for sharing. Yesterday me and my granddaughter shot a cooking video.  She wanted to make some cupcakes all by herself.  And she did a great job too.  It's hard to believe she is just 5 years old!!  here's the link "Kai's Cupcakes" 

     Have a blessed day and enjoy those cute grandbabies. 

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