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  1. Hi there everyone, I'm smoking my 1st ham leg about 11 pounds. How long should that cook? should it be tented at the last hour or so. I was thinking of smoking till it reaches about 130 spraying with orange juice every half hour. Wrap with foil until it reaches 140 and then let it set for half hour. Temp at 175-200. Have a Char-Griller w/side fire box. Does this sound right???
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    In like my hams a bit more done than 140. I typically take them up to 150. Foil and rest for an hour prior to slicing. I typically run my smoker around 250-265.
  3. Thanks, didn't realize the temp had to be that high.
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    Did you cure it, or did you buy it already cured?

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    It doesn't but by the time you rest, 20-30 minutes on the counter or 1 hour in a cooler, slice it and serve...The Ham will be cold. Taking to 145-150°F still lets you serve a warm/hot product. It helps to heat your serving platter to 150°F...JJ
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    I think you meant the 250*-265*, when you said you didn't think it had to be that high.

    If it was cured properly, it doesn't have to be that high, but it won't hurt. If it was cured properly you can use temps like 220* or 230* without a problem, because there won't be a big hurry to get it to any particular internal temp. With a lower temp you can get more smoke flavor on it, because it will take longer.

  7. It's a Smithfield ham leg from cryovac. I have been letting it sit in apple juice overnight. I was thinking 6 hrs at 175 or 200, but maybe it should be 4 hrs at 225-250.
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    Sounds like it could be pre-cured & pre-cooked.

    If that's the case, I would use smoker temps of anywhere between 200* & 250*, and take the internal temp to at least 145*, unless it says anything different on the package it came in.

    Maybe this will help:

  9. Thanks, I appreciate your help. I'll check out those links. Have a great Sunday!

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