Smoking a couple whole chickens today. (Edit: Q-VIEW!!)

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  1. I dont have any pics yet I brined my birds over night and am now contemplating rub. I make a pretty good rub but Im wondering what people think about rubbing something moist on the birds to help rub stick or do you just rub it right on the bird? Also I took the skin off of one to try it out I read on here recently a few people talking about skin off you dont have to worry about crisping the skin at the end and you get a kind of "chicken bark" lol. So hopefully I will get some feed back soon and once I get started I will try making a good Q-view
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  2. I don't remove the skin.  I do rub under the skin.  I might use some olive oil to help crisp the skin and "glue" the rub but that's about it.
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    Garlic, Butter and rub under the skin and on top of the skin makes a great bird 
  4. I decided to just rub the rub on no other fat, see how it comes out Im sure the one that is skin on will be more moist but Im looking forward to "chicken bark" pics to come soon.
  5. [​IMG]

    Wings off the chickens, (putting them on with the birds so I can have a little snack half way through. [​IMG]) brined and rub on ready for smoke.


    Birds! Left is skin on, right is skin off. Also brined and rubbed, and trussed, and ready for smoke! 


    Here is my set up. I know the wood is charred I tried a few locations when heating up and one didnt smoke at all and one burned too much the current one seems to be working pretty good. Plan on pulling the upper rack out when I pull the wings to give more room. 


    I am very new to the whole TBS term and all but I would say that is IT yes? or No?
  6. Temp is currently holding at around 258*- 262* I have read on here chicken is usually done a little hotter so does that temp sound good  or should I do a little vent tinkering?
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    Looks like TBS to me! I have done both and personally thought the skinless was less Barky and more Jerky...Not my thing, but to each his own. Looks like you and yours will eat well today...JJ
  8. Hmmm very possible ChefJJ, no offense but I hope your wrong lol. I have never tried the skinless but I know I love the skin on so we shall see. Thanks for the  compliment and glad I joined the ranks of producers of TBS! lol
  9. I like to run as hot as I can for poultry, which is about 260* in my WSM. I can not get the temps hotter.

  10. sudden shower just killed my temp for a few minutes not to mention drenched my yard sale I was having [​IMG]  Oh what a day.
  11. Any Smokers for Sale, LOL???
  12. lol sorry king no smokers unless you want an old brinkman smoke n' grill that sat out side for a couple years with no cover and is all rusted out. lol 

    However, my temp is back up smoke is going and rain is stopped. after 1.5 hour I pulled my 4 wings for a scooby snack! I would love to show you pics of how those came out but they were gone as soon as I brought them inside, Sorry! lol more pics of the chix to come once they are done. 
  13. Wow that went faster than I thought, I reached an IT of 155* already and I dont want to over do it and dry it out so I pulled and put them in a cooler wrapped in foil. I plan on taking the juices collected and reducing them down and creating a bbq sauce from it. Here is how they look going into the cooler. 

    Skin off:


    Skin On:

  14. Good looking yardbirds for sure.
  15. Thanks Bruno, getting antsy wanting to dig in already! lol
  16. Excellent looking birds! 
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    Congrats - looks like they came out well 
  18. Thanks all for the compliments! Man that was some amazing chicken, not to pat my own back but it was soo juicy and tender. CheffJJ was correct I feel the skinless was MUCH less of a bark and MUCH more of a "jerky" texture. I almost couldnt bite into the drumstick it was so leathery. However, under that jerky layer was still juicy and tender and amazing! Even the leathery bits still tasted good lol. But from now on I think I will stick with skin on and work on getting it crisped up. 
  19. they look great [​IMG]  keep patty your self on the back

    I wonder if the naked bird (skinless ) should be cooked at a lower temp ? just a thought 

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