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Discussion in 'Pork' started by msgrillmaster, May 23, 2014.

  1. msgrillmaster

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    Last time I smoke a butt the meat was very fat and it was very hard to tear apart.  Anyone have any suggestions?  I am using the green egg rub receipe.   Thanks for your help!
  2. demosthenes9

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    Let it cook longer.
  3. msgrillmaster

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    I cooked it for 4 hours and the temp was at 185.  Is that temperature right?
  4. For it to pull easily your IT needs to be 200 or so
  5. demosthenes9

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    Nope.   BTW, sorry about the short reply earlier, I was on my phone and can't type worth a darn on it.

    When smoking meats, it's best NOT to go by temp, but rather, by feel.   For boston butts, you can do a probe test .   For the probe test, stick a thermometer probe into the butt in a couple of different places and if it's ready, you'll feel very little resistance.  It will be like a knife sliding into butter.   On some butts, this might happen at 190, while on other butts, it might not happen until the temp reaches 205.  

    You mentioned that the butt had a lot of fat and was very hard to tear apart.   What happened is that the fat hadn't reached a high enough temp, for a long enough amount of time to render out.     The butt was hard to pull (and was probably dry) because the connective tissues holding the muscles together didn't have enough "time at temp" to break down.
  6. msgrillmaster

    msgrillmaster Newbie

    What do y'all do on ribs as far as IT? Also do any of you pour broth or apple juice over the pulled meat and then put it back on the smoker to help make or keep the meat moist?
  7. brooksy

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    Ribs don't go by IT. You use either the bend or tear test for ribs. You grab a slab at one end and lift it it should bend almost ninety degrees and start to crack like its ready to fall apart or you can simply grab two bones and pull them apart. If they pull apart easily then your ribs are done. After I pull a butt apart if I'm not serving right away I'll add juice when I reheat it. Normally it's juicy enough right after its done cooking but you can add juice at any time for added moisture.
  8. I can't speak to the temp on ribs, as I go almost entirely by feel, when the bone twists easily they are good to go. As far as the butt goes I do not try and re- moist the meat. Typically I have seen that mine usually reach an IT of about 200-205, and if I have been patient through the stall, it turns out perfect. Are you wrapping in foil after hitting an IT of 165-175? When I wrap I usually apply a fair amount of spray, 3-1 apple juice and rum.

    There are far more experienced smokers here than me, so please chime in guys if I have been incorrect here.
  9. danbury

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    Same here, I cook baby backs at about 250 - 275 pit temp and go by feel.  When the meat shrinks back from the bone on the ends, you are pretty much there.  Basting them is a matter of preference.  Sometime I do, sometime I don't.  For a rub, I keep it simple. Brown sugar, Tony's seasoning and black pepper about 10 minutes before putting on the pit.
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