Smoking a Butt for my family in Wisconsin

Discussion in 'Pork' started by bryceb, Sep 15, 2013.

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    My uncle passed away a few weeks ago and the family is having a get together in his honor... drink some beer, eat some food and tell stories... pretty similar to what we did when Uncle Ray was around. Since I took up the meat smoking hobby a few months ago, I decided to make pulled pork, summer sausage and snack sticks for my part of the family's contribution. The sticks and sausage thread is in the Sausage section.

    my wife picked up a 7.3lb butt the other day. Last night I injected it with apple juice and rubbed it with a rub called Best Odds that has been working out well for me.
    At 6am, I started heating the MFES30 and pulled the butt out of the fridge. 6:30, I popped it in the smoker and started the smoke with apple wood chips.

    At about 9:30am, I probed it with my antique Maverick ET-77 and the built in (which is actually close to the Mav which is dead on) and got a reading of 142deg

    2:30pm now and past the stall where its slowly climbing and now at 182deg. I'm about to foil it and run it up to 205... let it rest in the cooler, pull it and then vacuum seal it for the drive.

    Vac sealed and refrigerated should be ok for 5-6 days, right? I'd like to avoid freezing it if I can get away with out it.
  2. bryceb

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    3:10 I placed it in the drip pan and wrapped it all in foil. 185deg and climbing.
  3. bryceb

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    And it's done. Rested and pulled. Almost shredded itself it was so well done!
    gonna let it sit over night before I Vacuum Seal it. Then Wednesday we're off to Wisconsin.
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    Looks great, [​IMG]cant tell you on the fridge time mine are usually gone by then. I am sure someone will be in shortly to let you know. Sorry to hear about your uncle, but times like that seems like the only times my family gets together, boy is that sad or what.

    Good luck and travel safe.


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