Smoking a Brisket for a friends Birthday Party.

Discussion in 'Beef' started by h2so4ca, Apr 17, 2014.

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    A friend of mine called me a few weeks back and asked if I could smoke a brisket for her husbands birthday party. Well I said sure so here I am smoking a brisket for her. 

    I picked up this nice 14 lb brisket from Cash and Carry yesterday. Trimmed it up a bit, applied my brisket rub ( Salt and Pepper)

    tossed it into a hotel pan covered with foil and then into the fridge for 12 hours to rest.

    I put it in the smoker at about 3:00 am at 225 deg over hickory wood. 

    Here it is at the 4 hour mark. Pit temp 225 deg and an internal temp of 140 deg.

    I'll let it run till I hit a internal temp of 170 -175 deg, then wrap in foil to a final temp of 190-195.
  2. Seems to be coming along great man!  [​IMG]   I always use a toothpick to judge when my brisket is done - I've had them done at a lot of different IT's...
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    I have always gone by temp but I think incorporating a tooth pick test sounds like a good idea.

    I keep records of all of my smokes so this is something I can add and see how it and temp compare.

  4. Try it out man. I've had brisket done anywhere from about 181* to 205*  Brisket is its own character & will be done when it decides it's good & ready to be done - not necessarily just because it reaches a certain temp... 
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    10 hours in and just about ready to foil.

  6. Looking really good!  [​IMG]
  7. h2so4ca

    h2so4ca Meat Mopper

    And the finished product ready to take a nap under some towels in my 

    meat cooler/hotbox 
  8. Yup that looks like it's gonna be great! Can't wait for the finish  [​IMG]

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