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    OK, I went to the store to look for something to smoke - ANYTHING !

    I came across this piece of meat with 2 $4 off coupons - total is $8 so you don't need the calculator. So that brought it down to $14 for a 3.5 # of mystery meat.

    Its a Bottom roast - this comes form the rear leg of a cow, and is very tough. So, going to smoke it low and slow to tenderize it and go from there.

    This will end up in sandwiches and in the red beans and rice for lunch for the week!

    I marinated it all night in a :steakhouse marinade". I added some garlic to it and let it sit all night while turning it everytime I got a beer watching football imarinated it in a bag. I placed it in here so I could save some of the sauce.

    I put the meat on the top grate in the smoker. I put the dish below it to catch juices. When I wrap the meat I will use the drippings to put in the foil and then wrap it up to simmer in its own juices.

    So - update - the heats are like this......and yes - I took out of fridge one hr before putting it on --- These are IT temps - 2 TC's in the meat - both within 1 degree

    after 1 hr - 75

    2 hrs - 95

    3 hrs - 105

    4 hrs  115

    4 hrs - heat changed to 225 on smoker.

    5 hrs - 125

    turned heat to 225 at 4.5 hr mark......smoke going strong !! LOVE the AMPNS !!

    6 hrs - transferred to COMPLETELY double wrapped in foil - put the drippings in there - IT - 135

    heat upped to 235.....just a guess. In hindsight with this strategy - 8hr cook time - low and slow should be low and slow.....but I have had times where HIGH heat (250+) and lower cooking times produced juicier meats. THIS is what I am trying to learn. (Yes - I am an Engineer and documenting this is impulsive)
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    tjdcorona Meat Mopper

    I will never make another one unless its in a crockpot. This was leather !
  3. Thanks for the info, report and pic's. great post, and your right, some things are just better in a crock pot.

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