Smoking a boston butt and looking for some input

Discussion in 'Pork' started by brooks85, Jul 30, 2011.

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    Hey I have been lurking through some recipes here from awhile and I am in the process of smoking a butt right now and I am recalling from a recipe I read here but cant seem to find it. So im looking for any input on ways to finish the piece.

    I started with about an 8lbs piece and injected it with applejuice mixture, coated with mustard/spice rub and let it rest over night. This morning I put it on the smoker.


    I used apple and hickory.  After 2 hours I was misting with apple juice/rum ever hour.

    This was about 4 hours in..


    when the butt reached 170 I double wrapped it in foil and added some apple juice and put it into the oven. The butt is about 30mins from reaching 205 inside. I plan on taking the cut out and letting it rest in the foil for an hour, shredding it and store it. (it wont be consumed tonight, tomorrow around lunch)

    Any other suggestions on finishing the piece?

    Last pic will be coming up soon.
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    fixed picture issue
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  3. I can see your pix. Looks great.. I'm going to try my 1st one tomorrow using almost the same process you did!
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    Looks great. 

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