Smoking 8lbs worth of Pork Sirloin

Discussion in 'Pork' started by smokenhot, May 9, 2013.

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    Ok, so I'm somewhat of a newby to this forum as well as to using our Traeger Jr but I'm learning. I bought a Pork Sirloin (it said whole in bag 8.16lbs) when I opened the bag it was 4 small sized roasts. So is a Pork Sirloin the same as a Pork tenderloin?
    My main question is, the first Pork Loin I posted about I followed directions you all gave and it turned out perf! It was so dang good and moist. Should I follow same directions? I rubbed the meat down with a rub, and put it on smoker after it had heated to 225 degeee, and held it there till it reached , I believe 145 IT. Then I wrapped it in tinfoil and we let it rest for about 30-35 min while I prepared sides. Should i cook these small Sirloin roasts the same way or do u need to do tjem differently? Im rubbing them down now and getting smoker to temp.
    Also how long do u think it'll take to get them done. Its almost 2 p.m. here (Utah)
    Thx for all ur help and suggestions
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    i've done them before..treat it like a tenderloin...smoke at 225..i like using a mix of apple and mesquite wood for flavor, cover with a couple different rubs and take to internal temp of 145 like you said..let it rest in foil for a bit..slice up and enjoy..

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