Smoking 4 Turkeys: Q view!

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by iowa josh83, Nov 27, 2013.

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    So I had posted a while back about needing to smoke 5 birds for my in-laws thanksgiving.


    Well, 5 birds has turned into 4 but I still wanted to provide you guys the Q view I had promised so here's the thread.

    Last night I opened up the birds, rinsed, prepped and got them in the brine. Here's some views of my madness!

    Brine all mixed up, see my previous post for recipe (side note: I added one whole onion and several tsp of black pepper to my original recipe).

    Turkey rinsed and prepped and sitting in the brining bag.

    Pour in the brine.

    Seal it up. Repeat 3 more times.

    Placed in cooler with some ice. (sorry for the upside down photo)

    I plan to turn the birds this evening. Ran a little short on brine so the bags aren't quite as full as usual.

    More to come so stop back tomorrow morning.


  2. iowa josh83

    iowa josh83 Smoke Blower

    My internet is acting up so I'm slow with the updates but here goes nothing.

    Final prep, smear with butter, salt & pepper.

    They all fit, let's hope the smoker can keep up.

    2.5 hrs in I swapped the shelves to rotate the birds. Also foiled the ends of the drumsticks. Looking good. Cooking temp is lower than I want it to be but if I have to finish in the oven that's OK.

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