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Discussion in 'Pork' started by tbabypowell1, Jul 7, 2016.

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    Hey Friends, I am smoking 4, 8 lb butts for a family reunion and am doing it at my son's home so I do not have my normal smoker. I will be using a make-shift, converted 250 gal oil tank to cook. I have never done it this way so I need some wisdom, also about how long to cook at 200-250 degrees. How much charcoal should I start with? And, any more tips that would be beneficial. Thank you.

    T.A. Powell (tbaby).
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    Smoke them on your Smoker and reheat at the party. This way the smoke is at your leisure. Lot's of reheat options and Pulled Pork really is better the next day...JJ
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    I agree with JJ.

    But if your only option is using something you don't know. I guess go for it. At the temps you mention a 8 pound butt will take about 2 hours per pound. I have a feeling though that your pit temps will be higher from the description of your rig, heat control may be an issue. If your pit temp is closer to 300-325 you can cut the time almost in half. Don't forget to give yourself a good hour for resting the meat before pulling.
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    Is this a verticle or horizontal rig? I've "guest cooked" a few times and the best thing to do in that situation is to trust your instincts/ experience. As said above, if possible, do it at your place. If you're traveling less than four hours you can cooler it and serve fresh. If not, you can smoke, pull, fridge, and reheat. Luckily, pork shoulder/butt is super forgiving and if you can relax and work through it, it's going to be great. Good luck and may the smoking gods be with you.

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