Smoking 3 racks to bring on trip... Looking for info.

Discussion in 'Pork' started by seaham358, Jun 28, 2011.

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    I'm heading to NC to visit family and they want some pulled pork and ribs.. The PP is easy to transport in the car and is just as good leftover as it is hot off the smoker.  The ribs I'm not sure about, should I smoke for 3-4 hours then pull off the smoker and let cool then wrap in foil and refrigerate and reheat on the grill when I get down south.  Or should I do the full 3-2-1 then wrap and reheat on the grill when I get there. I'm cooking them on Thursday and traveling on Friday and will probably eat the ribs on Sat or Sunday, I'm bringing a cooler so I can have them on ice for the trip. 

    Thanks   Bob
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    I am doing the same thing with Spares.  Thursday night I am going to smoke for 3 hours, foil for 2, then cool off in the fridge.  When Sat night comes, I am going to heat them up on the grill for about an hour or so with bbq sauce on them

    Not to steal your thread, but this goes along with your question:  Would there be any negative to cutting them into 2 or 3 bone sections after they have cooled in the fridge (after the 3-2 stages), so there will be no cutting required the night of re-heating and serving?????
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    bloc's got it right. Do the 3-2, & refrigerate. Then heat on grill to finish. I would not cut them up until they are reheated. It may dry them out.
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    I agree on not cutting them up.. I'm still up in the air.. I may smoke for 3 then take off and cool.. When I go to cook them I;ll wrap in foil and add some parkey spread, brown sugar and honey and that should moisten them up if they dried out at all.  I'll cook on the grill in the foil at a low time for a 1.5-2 hours then take out of foil and toss on grill to firm up and add any BBQ sauce the folks want.  I think that's what I'm gonna try.

    The wife picked up a 10lb pork shoulder today, I just got done trimming it and rubbing with EVOO and I put on some Bad Byrons rub and wrapped up tight and put in frig till tomorrow night to start the long smoke for pulled pork.  I need to make a batch of Jeff's rub I would have used that but I'm out and to lazy to make it..

    Thanks guys...

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