Smoking 3 butts in an ECB

Discussion in 'Pork' started by menk45, Jun 30, 2011.

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    Need a little advice...

    Due to a lack of planning, I will be smoking 2 five pound and 1 eight pound pork butts tomorrow for pulled pork.  Last week I placed an order with my butcher for the 5 pounders and this morning I got an email from another friend asking if I could smoke an 8 lb one for him.

    I have an ECB, how would you suggest setting them up? 

    Do you think I will be able to get all three on the top rack?

    Should I put the 8lb on the bottom rack and the other two on the top?  Vice versa?

    Thanks guys...this forum has been a wealth of knowledge for this newbie!
  2. jimf

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    I seriously doubt 18 pounds of meat will fit on the top rack of the ECB.  If you have the meat, give it a test fit while they are still wrapped.
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    Try standing them on end. I've done that in my WSM & they cook fine. You just have to be careful & make sure they are steady & won't fall over.
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    I would suggest putting the 8lb one on the bottom rack and the two 5lb ones on the top rack.  Better chance that the 5lb ones get to the pulling temp first and it will be easier if they are on the top rack.
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  6. flash

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    Yep, no way for all three on one rack. Place the big one on the top rack, smaller ones on the bottom. I know others said the reverse, but in my ECB, the hotter rack has always been the top one, due to the heat being trapped beneath the domed lid. 

     And plan on changing your charcoal out several times. I always removed the legs on mine and place it on concrete blocks. Place the charcoal pan in between the concrete blocks and when it comes time to replace charcoal, you can just raise the whole barrel right off the blocks. This way you do not lose the heat by removing the lid.
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