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Discussion in 'Beef' started by smokeybear, Jan 6, 2012.

  1. Tips/tricks?  DO i want to smoke at 250?  DO i need sray with apple juice or anything during the smoke?  I want to tke it to 190, right?  THis is my second ever a pal out.
  2. alblancher

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    Chuck roast is delicious  They generally have a good bit of fat so they do not dry out.  I would smoke to 160 or so and then foil.  You can take them to 190 if you like, kind of an inbetween number.   Do you wish to slice or pull?  If they are not drying out you can leave them on the smoker without foiling but keep an eye on them.

    Remember they cook pretty fast if not too thick 
  3. smokinal

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    Chuck roast, brisket, & pork butts are all smoked about the same way. There are a lot of variations but basically you smoke them at 225 until the IT is around 165, then put them in a foil pan with some liquid. Cover the pan with foil & back on the smoker until 195 for slicing or 205 for pulling.
  4. both roast are just under 3 about how long a smoke?
  5. alblancher

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    Last ones I did where finished by lunch time when started at 8 am   Can't guarantee they will finish that quick but they do cook a lot faster then butt and point  allow yourself at least 8 hours but plan on storing in a cooler if they finish early  I am sure someone that does these all the time will chime in.
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    If you throw in a pan of some beef stock and onions or some of Chef Jimmys Au jus you will have some awesome French Dip fixins too 

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