Smoking 2 Chickens, looking for advice - Vertical smoker

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by spartanrob, Jul 3, 2015.

  1. spartanrob

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    I've got an inexpensive, vertical smoker (i'm still new and practicing)  I want to smoke 2 chickens and it will be a tight fit if I put them both on one rack.  Can I put one on the top rack and one on the lower rack, which sits right above the water bowl?

    Chickens have been spatchcocked and brined.

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  2. noboundaries

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    Yes, you can put them on the different racks.  My suggestion would be to not put water in your water bowl and run the smoker at 300F+.  Poultry is not a low n slow meat.  The brining gives you a nice cushion of protection so the breast, which normally will be done before the thighs/legs, will still be moist.  I've got two full birds myself going in the smoker this weekend.  They'll get injected and go in the brine later today.  
  3. millerbuilds

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    Agreed.  When I do Chicken, I smoke it at 290-300.  You can stack them with no problem, it will allow the smoke to circulate much better.

    If you want crispy skin, you can toss it on a hot grill for a minute or so skin side down.  Make sure you oil your great first!

    Smoke ON!

  4. spartanrob

    spartanrob Newbie

    thanks.  started before I read your replies.  Ended up putting them both on the top and did use water.  Came out nice.  Eating them tomorrow.  Next time i'm going to try without water.

    Tomorrow, Brisket!

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