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    Still new to smoking (this summer), I have an offset Char-Broil smoker & have had success with brisket & ribs. Gonna do some wings for Sunday football & was wondering what temp to cook them at & how long (I have modified gauges at grill level)? Should I throw them in the oven at all after? Should I brine them? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.  
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    We just coat them with olive oil and salt & pepper, no brine.

    Smoke them at 225 for about 2 to 2 1/2 hours.

    Then put them on a hot grill for a couple of minutes turning them frequently to crisp them up.

    Next throw them in a big bowl & toss them with a combo of melted butter & Frank's hot wing sauce.
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    X 2 what Al said....you could also do a search on the handy dandy search bar under wings and see what else has been tried
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    X3 what Al & Willie said.

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    I'm with the Bear!

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