Smokin on Superbowl Sunday

Discussion in 'Pork' started by mrclean28, Feb 7, 2016.

  1. mrclean28

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    Well for teh last two smoke it has been beef, s this weekend I am out to smoke a pork butt and pork ribs. I do not smoke a lot of meat one time as it is only myself enjoying it. The wife enjoys a little of it but preferes her own cooking mainly veggies. So to start off I am back using my trusty MasterBuilt electric smoker. The Browning egg is good but I hate to always remove the meat and lava rock to re-stock the fire after 4 hours. I thought about the fan investment, and I will spend the the $300 from that and invest into an offset smoker once we reach our next home or retire into a pernament one soon enough. Until then i have the both to use and learn.

  2. smokinal

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    Looks like your off to a great start!

  3. mrclean28

    mrclean28 Smoke Blower

    I sure hope so, I will also get to use my new bear claws to shred it
  4. mrclean28

    mrclean28 Smoke Blower

    Awesome burgers on the smoker today. Could not help it while the pork cooks I threw a few burgers on, man they rocked sorry no photos to hungry LOL
  5. mrclean28

    mrclean28 Smoke Blower

    Here they are came out prefect and tasted great. Shredded the pokbutt up and ready for lunch, wife sliced up my ribs prior to the camera


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