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  1. I use the A-Maze-N Pellet smoker in my #2, I just put it on the floor of the smoker, but thats usually because all of my racks are full.

    I too had a problem with the wood igniting and solved it the same way as rajones mentions.
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    Looks awesome. I wonder if the amnps would fit in the #1 before i pull the trigger.
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    Probably not in the same location, may have to put it up on a rack. #1 inside dimensions are 12-1/2" x 13-1/2" x 17-1/4", # 3 inside dimensions are 15" x 20 x 22". I have just enough room for my AMNPS to sit between the side wall of the smoker and the firebox in my # 3.

    The tube smoker would work, then you just need to drill your holes more centerline. I almost did that when I drilled mine but decided I wanted all of my holes to be within the drip pan area and I already had the AMNPS.
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    The problem with the tube is that you only get a 4 hr smoke with it. But pellets dont tend to ignite like chunks right?

    I will try the foil method again. Last time i tried it, it only prolonged the burn didnt stop it.

    I have yet to test the air temp of my smoker to see if its cooking hot which i always thought was a possibility. Does the wood igniting jump the temps up any?
  6. so I just made the purchase last night and I am just now seeing people have multiple temp issues. I know there are swings and I can handle some variation but it looks like people are having a hard time even getting the smoker part the low 200's. I'm kinda freaking out now. Can someone give me some honest I or on what I can expect for temp control or temp issues? Thanks.
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    I just ordered my #3 last night as well.

    I was in the same boat as you worrying about getting to max temp. I know there are some having trouble with this. But there are many others that aren't.

    I am going to try it and see how it goes. This is easily fixed by buying an Auber PID controller that will give much more precision as well as pretty much take control away from the analog thermostat.

    If you want to get temps higher than 250, you can bypass the controller and get temps in the low 300s. There are plenty of threads on this on the Smokin-It Auber Tips & Tricks forum group.

    We'll be in this thing together Zebra :)
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    I just did two butts last night, started at 250 setting and temp probe went to 275. My butts were 34 degrees internal even though they were left in fridge long enough I thought. I reached 140 degrees in both butts within 4 hours. I have had my #2 for about 4 months and have seen internal temp range within about 15 degrees of the setting usually. The setting knob isn't digital so I think some of what you have read is the result of expectations that didn't match reality. Apparently smokin-it is working on a digital controller but not sure I would spring for it. A friend has a BGE and he is always messing with the vents to maintain lower temps so maybe it's just part of the hobby.
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    Zebra, I own a #2 and experienced the same problem with temperature that you're describing. I decided to purchase the Auber PID and rewire the thermostat so that I can exceed temperatures of 250º and have more control over my cook. For the record, I also own a Big Green Egg (BGE) and use a BBQ Guru DigiQ 2 to maintain temps when I'm cooking with that device.

    The best part of the Auber is that it has six different phases, although you don't have to use them all. I like using my #2 for smoking fish, and the Auber allows me (with the use of a cold plate) to turn on the oven for 15 minutes to ignite the wood (phase 1), then turn off for 20 minutes and let the fish cold smoke (phase 2), then come on again for 12 minutes to reignite the wood (phase 3), then go off again for 30 minutes (phase 4), then come on at 225º until the fish reaches 140º internal temperature and shut off (phase 5). Without the Auber, that's all a manual process, and somewhat difficult with a Smokin-It smoker since the thermostat varies as much as 20º each direction. With the Auber, it's a piece of cake and the temp never varies more than 5º.

    I don't think this issue is unique to Smokin-It. I think most electric smokers use a non-digital thermostat and with the exception of the very expensive smokers, top out at around 250º.

    I totally get that the Auber is a $200 item and adds considerable expense to your smoker. I'm retired and on a fixed income and I thought long and hard about it before I pulled the trigger. Having owned it now for about 3 months, I'm very glad I did, and my cooks have been very successful! My smoked fish is in very high demand with my family and neighbors!

    I've also done ribs in the #2 by setting the Auber to 225º for 5 hours (St. Louis cut) and they come out dead-on perfect. It's kind of a shame that the base product from Smokin-It doesn't have a better thermostat, but I don't think temperature swings of 20-30º are necessarily detrimental to being able to create great Q. The real trick is to buy great meat and cook it low and slow. The Smokin-It #2 will definitely do that, with or without the Auber PID. 
  10. I have the #2 and watched the temperature swings in the box at first.  Now I just set it and forget it and watch the IT of what I am cooking.  Yes it swings, but It averages out at my set temperature and my smokes come out as expected.  If you are not averaging, then I would suspect a problem, or might need to pull the knob and move it around a notch.  To me the air temp might vary slightly around the meat, but It will still be cooking and smoking. If I am looking for a 195 finish and the smoker swings from 215 to 235 while I am getting there it does not bother me. 

    Going to the trouble and expense of a PID controller can and will hold the area at the sensor closer to the the set temperate, but I can not see how that will affect the outcome differently than several hours of on/off swings much. I am not trying to do a high speed exact chemical process here where a batch will spoil if it gets 5 too hot or will solidify if it gets 5 too cool.  I guess I have already dealt with too many Proportional, Integral, Derivative controllers in critical process situations in my life to be concerned with it in my smoker.. 

    I saw someone post earlier that they were not familiar with the term PID Controller.  Here is a web site with a very simple basic explanation of how it would affect your smoker..

    Just my opinion.

    Like my old H2 Kawasaki, if it ain't smoken, its broken.
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    You won't regret it. Get the stand too. Very sturdy and makes it easy to move unless you have an outdoor kitchen setup I which case I'm jealous.
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    Sorry I've been MIA for a bit - pretty busy over on the SI forum these days!  Ashend57 - Great choice!  I've been using a model 2 for the last month, and love it.  This last weekend, I used the WSD-1503CPH PID Smoker Controller from Auber for the first time.  I actually bypassed the stock controller, and used the Auber to control the smoker on 10 lbs of pork loin.  Wow, is all I can say!  If you want accuracy and reliability in a smoker, the SI combined with the Auber is a deadly combination!  When you get your #2 (or anytime, for that matter), come on over to the company forum and hang out there, too!  SMF is a really nice forum (that's why I joined), and ours is young - but growing fast!  Come see us!
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    I agree, with you, that the PID accuracy is probably not that important, in the long run.  Yeah, we're not blending rocket fuel here!  The accuracy is nice (although I did fine with the analog swings in my model 1), but really gets me excited about the Auber unit (not sure if other brands are the same) is the 6 program steps!  And, being able to select the program change trigger as time or internal meat temp.  Wow.  I smoke a lot of things that I enjoy the ability to use 3 or 4 different steps in the process, so having that automated is heaven!  Just set the simple program, throw the meat in the box, and walk away!  Want a half hour at 160 to start, then bump to 225 until the meat hits 155, then have it kick down to 140 to hold the meat?  No problem.  Not having to keep a constant eye on the temp and then manually change the temp for the steps is great.  Just my 2-cents!
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    Anyone use sand as a heat sink in a drip pan?

    I have heard it works great and that water tends to hold temps at 212 or boiling point. Is this true? I am no scientist, but my college knowledge tells me that the water would eventually hit 225 if set to that temp. Right?
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    If the water isn't contained and pressurized, it will be basically impossible to heat it above 212˚ as it will convert to steam at that point.
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    Ohhh. Got it. Thanks. Majored in law not science. Haha.

    Thanks for the links also. Good read
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    Question...why do you use the AMNPS for regular meat smokes?

    I'm going to order one for cold smoking (as I had a poor experience using the SI cold smoke plate, as you can see from previous posts).  I'm curious what value I may get from this tool for regular ole pork/beef smokes.

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    My model #1 tends to oversmoke or burn the wood.

    I dont have the amnps yet but i believe it gives a more controlled, long, consistent burn with a thin blue smoke.

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