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  1. it's stainless steel, worst case sand it down and then re-polish it. I have a stainless steel kitchen sink out back next to my grill, once or twice a year i just take some high grit sand paper to it and then use bar keepers friend (BKF) to make it last. To get it to shine, just use some polish.

    I got my #2 on new years of last year. It's been great, granted i have 2 other smokers that i enjoy to use more in the summer, but the season for the smokin-it is arriving soon!
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    So i bit the bullet today and bought an Amerique by Cookshack. I have an older viking grill, which I regret not realizing there are pellet grills, so I did not get the Yoder. The Amerique hold feature sold me - it would be awesome to finish cooking and holding temp until guest arrive. I am going to give it a test and compare it to the smokin it #3 - as long as my temp reaches what it needs and stays there, I am a happy camper.

    I was bidding on an SM160 but the price went crazy high so I ended up going with the amerique. Anyway will post some results. Lets see what the digital vs analog does.
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  3. I have been silently watching and biting my lip on this thread for quite awhile now while the Smokin-it cheerleaders tell everybody it's all butterflys and rainbows. It's like Yogi Berra said " It's like deja vu all over again". I brought up this "issue" up several months ago  and it is frustrating to see that the same problems are still there and the same bogus answers, " the meat mass [email protected]#$%" "I'm sure Steve will take care of everything". As I brought up, it is a analog contoller, why if the "meat mass" is skewing the temps, why is the element not on? Since then I have swicthed to an Auber PID controller and guess what, It is one of the best smokers I have. I have literally smoked a ton of meat with this thing over this spring and summer. With the PID controll it is a very good smoker, air tight it makes amazing ribs, with an extra rack I have done 15 racks of baby backs at a time on several occasions. My problem with the whole deal is, I exchanged email with Steve for over two weeks on this problem and he continually treated me like I was a newby to smoking and did not understand my smoker even after I told him he was wrong  and my reason for it (see link above). When I continued to back him into a corner that there was a problem, rather than admit it and fix it, the easy answer was a refund. Like I told him, by the time I pay the shipping both ways I will have half of the cost of this thing let's just fix it.( I will add now that if anyone wants a copy of our email exchanges pm me and I will send them to you). So Steve finally did send me a new controller and after 3 or 4 months asked me if it fixed the problem, I don't know, the new controller sits on the shelf and the Auber runs the smoker and I have predictable smoke times and not any of the issues that I raised to Steve in the first place. Just like a real smoker! So, my problem is not with the smoker itself, I love the smoker now, it is with the customer service, yeah I got the smoker fast, great smoker, but when I come with a problem, get blown off as an idiot. Now more people have the same problem. Steve needs to listen to his customers and really look at his controller, PID these days is cheap, I also get cook and hold with mine, would be nice if for a premium priced smoker if it was included. And like I said one the best smokers I have now, but what do I know?. Just my two cents. Just fix it.

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    Doug...if you could....what is the exact model Auber you are using for the Smokin It? I'm on their site and they have many models etc. I'm looking at the one for the Bradley with 2 probes.....looks legit but wanna be sure I get the right one when I'm ready...Thx, Willie
  5. I called them and they said they now have them built in China
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     "So Steve finally did send me a new controller and after 3 or 4 months asked me if it fixed the problem, I don't know, the new controller sits on the shelf"

    I take it that after Steve sent the replacement controller, you did not bother to see if it corrected the problem you were experiencing?  Sounds like he honored his warranty.  Having said that, I can understand your frustration with the temperature.  But analog will never be as solid as digital.  Glad to hear the Auber unit is working well.
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    I have the Amerique and it is a good smoker. The controller clicks incessantly, constantly addressing the temperature. It is stable within a degree or two.  The only down side is if and when the circuit board dies, out of warranty, the replacement cost is going to be enormous. The day that happens, I will install an analog controller and just live with the temperature swings.  And my brother's model 3 is still chugging along, cranking out good food with no ill effects from the analog controller.
  8. I think it is easily summed up as, some people expect too much from things, others realize what it is they have and learn how to work with it.
  9. old sarge, I am not trying to disrespect you here, but go back and read my original post yeah he did honor the warranty finally after three weeks of email exchanges and him telling me I don't know what I am doing and there is nothing wrong with it and that he will give me a refund if I pay to ship it back to him and me telling him that it would be about half the price of the smoker in shipping both ways after the smoke cleared so lets just fix the damn thing and send me a new $2 flippin controller and in the mean time the thing just sits there and I need to do something to get it going so I order the PID that comes in about 3 days and now it works great and two weeks later I finally get a new analog controller after I get frustrated with being blown off and just give up and go my own way. But yeah you are right he honored his warranty and I am being an [email protected]#hole about this and blowing it all out of proportion. I know analog will never be as solid as digital, I have 5 different smokers, analog, digital, charcoal, my problem was it would not get up to temp, and I know it was not up to temp, and I got the same patronizing attitude. So feel free to cut one sentence out of my post and make a doctrine out of it, I am not running for any political office. by the way you are one of the butterflies and rainbows guys I was refering to. And like I said, it is a great smoker, I use it almost daily, maybe the analog works, maybe it don't some times. but to just ignore it and blame it on the customer is just poor business, and I get tired of seeing the same posts on here about temp problems and they get the same stupid excuses instead of fixing the problem. That is my problem.
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    My dealings with Steve were not pleasant. I also felt like I was put in the idiot zone because my smoker did not work well for me. In addition, I dont think the work with what you got applies here. I spent nearly $900 with accessories and shipping to have two smokers with inconsistent temp and results, heat that hovered around 190 degrees vs 225 even when set to 250+ side. Delayed shipping, wheels that did not screw in etc.....

    I completely agree with the other fellow who had a hard time getting some help. Email Steve and Steve will take care of you did not work for me either. The solution was RETURN FOR REFUND which should not be the only solution for a business, but more of a bitter response.

    I wanted to like the #3 but it sucked in terms of maintaining temp, and heating past 190 degrees. I am not the only one that had that problem, and I had it with two units. You smoke ribs at 225 and not at 180 even if there is cold meat inside. Which makes no sense that the unit does not maintain 225.

    Anyway, for those that like it, great for you guys, but for those looking for a model, may want to look at a digital one vs dealing with Steve and getting something you really looked forward to being a model that just did not live up to the hype. Again, if it is you and your old lady waiting extra hours for the thing to finish vs you throwing a party and you are willing to put up with Steve than it may be a good thing for you but to shell out $900 and have a half working., half tilted unit led me to spend double for an Amerique which I am certain will be a good addition because of the digital temp control, but only time will tell.
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  11. longevity, I agree, if I want an inconsistent, work with you got or modify it to work right smoker I could of spent a lot less money (my UDS works better). If you want to sell a higher end smoker, make it perform like a higher end smoker. And if it doesn't, don't BS around with a couple a dollar made in china analog controller then blame the customer, back it up. Maybe there is a reason the other smoker manufacturers went to PID controllers, for one digital these days digital is cheap and two the results are better and three you can add more features to your control scheme. I will repeat again I like the smoker itself, the box could be bigger for me, I use it almost daily, but for me I as far as support and controller, I did not get my moneys worth.

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    Seeing this makes me glad I bought a Rec Tec pellet grill/smoker, I was thinking a #4 and already figuring on getting a digital controller, I thought Amerique but the #4 was larger and that is what I was interested in,. My girlfriend decided we needed the RT instead of another box smoker, I have a Cookshack smokette had it for maybe 11 or 12 years not an issue with it in all that time.
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    I don't feel disrespected at all; I admire honesty.  When something works as expected, the customer will brag it up and recommend it.  When it doesn't work as expected, the customer will complain about it. Glad the Auber unit is working out well.  FYI, Steve is working on a digital unit but no details yet.  I don't know if it will be strictly on an upgraded smoker, or maybe even offered as a retrofit.
  14. I would go for a retrofit it it was offered for the #1
  15. I Looked on his other Thread here is what he used

    It is the Auber WSD-1503CPH. Yeah, I like it holds temp real tight. Normally I do not care too much about temp swings when smoking muscle cuts but I have been looking at this one for the ramp and hold functions, those are handy for what I do. I figure this will also give me a backup for my MES when that controller takes a crap. The 1503 is good for up to 1800 watts, if a guy has a smaller heating element you can save 45 bucks with the 1203.

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  16. I went to Pineywood's thread he showed and saw the element was only 350 watts.  It's September here and already in the 30s at night with a high of 53 today.  So when Amazon says it's 350 watts but 8 amps, and the company website says 350 and 3 amps, I'm wondering what the wattage really is and if 350 is going to do the job in my cold area.

    I'm still new but already gathering info for my next purchase, which as of now will be electric.
  17. So if the #2 is 700 watts then the 1203 is sufficient?
  18. I have a # 2 also just wish I had gotten the #3 for more room, Where were you bidding on the other smoker?


    Sauce Man RonnieM
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    So the saga with Steve and Smokin It continues. I waited 3 days every day for Steve to have the smoker picked up on his fedex call tag. For 3 days i postponed my plans to make sure Fedex got the smoker and after notifying him 3 times, they finally did on the 3rd day. He got the smoker back saying it is damaged. I told him i had limited packaging material to ship it back to him as this is the second smoker I returned and did not have the first box because they are CRAP and he told me pack it as best as you can so I can get it back.I suggested we ship on a pallet. He refused.

    So i did my best, sent it back, he received it damaged. Now he is telling me he will not refund my money. Go figure. He is blaming me AGAIN for lack of packaging, using the smoker. WOW! I warned him about packaging and how would i know the second model also sucked A**  if i did not try it once or twice!. You cannot suggest anything to that guy. When my neighbor offered him $500 for it knowing i would send it back for a full refund he got upset and told me to send it back.

    His pride got in the way and now he has a damaged unit, which he should contact fed ex about. The unit was was shipped on his account he gets to file a claim, and also decided to KEEP MY HARD EARNED MONEY!

  20. Well it seems you have had some bad luck Longevity,I'm sure you'll have much better luck with some other smoker. Cause obviously smokin-it is not the right choice for you.

    On a more positive note, i can't wait to fire my #2 up again to do some jerky in it this weekend. I haven't used it since early spring. Thinking of turning it on and getting a little burn in tonight and then the jerky will go in on Sunday Morning. Might even make a little breakfast fatty since i'll have it going.

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