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  1. Ohhh...I'll have to do that later this week!
  2. jond36

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    I second that. Dogs at 225 for an hour or half an hour are awesome. Definitely can taste the difference.

    Burgers at 225 for 30 and then seared are very tasty too.
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    My #2 won't get above 225 degrees. This is the first time it's happened. I have two pork shoulders in there right now, one large, the other medium on the same rack in the middle of the smoker. I have the AMNPS in the bottom producing decent smoke. The hole at the bottom is clear. I have a small foil pan on a rack just below the pork. I have no idea why the smoker is not getting hotter. Previously, with the dial pegged at 250, the temp would have no problem reaching 250-275. I usually have to keep the dial set between 200-225 to keep in the 250 deg range. I'm using the ET-732 to monitor temps. Now it's dropped to 219....

    Outside air temp is 72 and sunny so external factors are no factor.

    Anyone got any ideas what could be the cause. Is it time to call the company and ask for a new element? I've only had this a couple months and only done 6-7 smokes.  Disappointed with the #2 today.
  4. gonzo

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    Doing two briskets today and the SI #2 appears to be working normal again. 
  5. I have a #3, and with my smoker empty and the dial turned to 250* it usually holds at 225*, if crank it past 250* on the dial then it will reach 250*. It seems on mine the dial is 25* lower than stated. Anyone else had this problem?
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    Try monitoring the temperature every 10 or 15 minutes over a period of a couple of hours, charting the highs and lows and how often it cycles.  Also, the knob on the controller may not have been set properly if it is not keyed.
  7. Have settled on a Smokin It over the Smokin Tex, thanks to some input from several members.

    I have an MES 30 at my Lake House and it has worked flawlessly so far.

    But, I want one for our other house and decided to try one of the SS models.

    The MES 30 has plenty of room for my needs, but can't decide between the #2 or #3?

    If the #3 was offered on Amazon, I would have already bought it! (I have several hundred amazon $$)

    My questions are:

    1. Is the #2 going to be large enough? I like to do turkeys, and also like to load up all 4 racks of my MES 30 with wings

    2. The #2 has a 700W element and the #3 has a 1200 W element, but both have the same temp range of 100-250?

    Is the #3 that much bigger that it requires an element that is 70% higher watts?

    3. Cover-anyone find a good cover other than the vinyl ones on the smokin it site? I have a heavy canvas one from Veranda that is great, but it looks to be too small for even the #2?

    I'm thinking the #2 will probably fit my needs, but don't want to make the mistake of wishing I had more cooking space!

    Thanks in advance to all!
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    If it were me, and I was even a little bit concerned over needing "more cooking space", if not now but further down the smoking road, I would get the larger model 3. Aside from the $100 difference in the price between the model 2 and 3, the difference in shipping cost will likely be different as well. So that has to be considered in the overall budget for the new smoker.

    Good luck.
  9. Try looking at central air conditioner covers. They might be a bit large but should fit just fine, I purchased the smokin it one, and it's a good fit but not worth the cash being that my weber cover was similar in price and heavier duty and 3 times the size.
  10. crvtt

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    I second the air conditioner cover idea, works great for my #1 and was $8 at Lowes.
  11. I have a #2, and I cannot get a rack of ribs lined up "stright" in the cooker.  The baby backs I get are too long and they have to go on to the racks at an angle.  For me, and the amount that I smoke, I can live with that.  Others, well, it could be an issue.  Other than that, I am happy with the space, but the most I've smoked so far was four chickens and I usually only do two slabs of ribs at a time.

    The element for the #2 is plenty hot, I do get what I consider a lot of fluctuations (wide in variance), but nothing that has ruined anything that I've smoked so far. 

    My cover has lasted me since Christmas.  No Fading, no rips, no tears. 
  12. Check the temp sensor and make sure it's clean and doesn't have any grease build up and make sure there isn't any food on it/covering it. Other than that, I am not sure what the issue could be. 
  13. kbosch74

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    I, too, am having problems with my #3 holding temperature.  I just pulled a 14# brisket that has been in the smoker set at 250 for 21 1/2 hours.  Temp of the meat is 168, so I pulled it to finish in the oven.  I figured I'd leave the temp probe in the empty smoker, at it topped out at 207...and the red light isn't on so it must "think" its up to temp.

    Frustrated.  I'll email the owner.  
  14. shtrdave

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    Anyone have one of the NUmber 4 models yet? I like the size, but seeing some of the temp issues has me a bit hesitant. They are out of stock now and will have a few in september. I have been looking for specs and info n it and pricing but can't seem to come up with any.

    I wish someone would make something that would hit 325° to do chicken better, 250° just doesn't do it well for skin on parts or whole birds. The Amerique goes to 300° but I think one needs a bit more.
  15. gonzo

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    Thanks muttley. Seems to be working fine now but I'll check the temp sensor anyways. Good to know.
  16. old sarge

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     Feel the same! I smoked 6 ribs yesterday in my new #3 and the temp when set to 225 degrees was at 180 on my digital wireless thermometer after 4 hours. Very disappointed. Emailed the company and they stated that is normal and the meat absorbs the BTUs??? How can I cook at 225 if the temp inside is 180? I am a bit confused. After turning it up to 250 or past that to the max, it got to 208 degrees.

    I purchased a lot of accessories too and hope this thing is worth the price. The ribs were not worth the hype and controlling the thing was a nightmare.

    Is this normal?
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  18. longevity

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    What did the owner tell you? He told me this is common and is because of the BTUs being pulled by the cold meat? Cant smoke ribs at 180. I am within the return window and deciding on whether this thing is worth it or not.
  19. old sarge

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    You might want to try placing your probe below the meat product and get a reading there if you have not already done so. 

    My Amerique is digital, and I have used a secondary digital temperature probe on occasion.  Depending upon where I place the probe relative to the built in probe, and the meat, I can get readings that are lower, higher, and nearly identical to the builtin digital controller. 

    I stopped worrying, realized that nothing is perfect if made by the hand of man, and learned to just enjoy the food.

    Not much help, but I thought I would chime in.
  20. jjrolex

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    I think the temp sensor is faulty...mine was and he replaced, and made a world of difference.

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