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  1. Just lettimn all know I received the smoker , broker her in    So far so good everything seems to be working great.  The temperatures are not low either/  ~12 degrees higher actually which is great!!

    Wife freaked for 5 minutes but she calmed down soon , hehe!!
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    Great Q produces harmony!
  3. After reading every single page of this thread decided to pull the trigger on a Smokin-it #3. Should be here today. Needless to say i am as ansy as a kid on Christmas morning. Bring on 5 o'clock.
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    Just remember to start with small amounts of wood and add more as you go. Oversmoke IMO will leave a bitter taste in your mouth about smoking. No pun intended ;)
  5. Just joined the club with a #2. It's been almost perfect so far.

    I want to thank all of the contributors here for helping me make this selection. I was all set to buy a new Masterbuilt, but thankfully they ran out at many sites just before father's day. I happened to come across this site , and after reading the whole Smokin-it section I was VERY impressed. These units are worth the extra money. 

    I have been busy my first 2 weeks. Chicken, Salmon, Brats, Spicy Italian, Turkey dogs (don't laugh they were GREAT), Country style ribs, and bacon. 

    The big lesson I learned so far is you MUST keep the moisture from getting into the smoke box. I now not only line the bottom with foil, but I make a cap for the smoker that make everything drip past the top of the smoke box. Wet wood makes nasty smoke. 

    I have tried several woods, but my favorite so far is pecan. I got a truckload for free from the Pecan grove near Picacho Peak, AZ. Can't beat that. 

    My only complaint would be the max temp being limited to 250. I wish it went up to 275. I have been thinking of putting the 1100 watt element from the bigger unit in my #2. Has anyone else out there tried this? It looks like it should just plug in. I  know it will throw off the dial readings, but that's easy to fix with a remote thermometer. Any thoughts?

    May all you smoke be blue. 
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    I don''t know if it would actually fit as it may be longer.
  7. Welcome to the club Husker, you made a great choice. 
    Welcome also KJ, I know the #3 is deeper than the #2 and I would assume the element is longer also. Someone with a #3 could chime in with the length of the element to compare.

    When I first received my Smokin-It smoker I thought the same as you about being limited to 250 but the more I use it the more I realize I don't need it. To me 275 and above starts getting into grilling territory anyway.
  8. The recommendation is no more than 4oz.  I have used less than get a lot of smoke taste, so it doesn't take much wood.   

    Smokin-It does not recommend adding more wood after the smoker is up an running...could lead to dangerous burns with a super hot smoke box!   I am not sure if that is what jond36 was suggesting, but just in case.
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    Here is a replacement element for the #3

    Just under 21"...

    I thought about getting a higher temp as well. I was thinking about getting a different thermostat. One with a higher set point should work in the number 2 or 3, just installing a larger element wouldn't get it any hotter as the thermostat limits the temp.

    Here are some pics of the #3...(my guess is the #1 and 2 are the same):
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  10. If anyone figures out how to "fix" the thermostat so we can get it above 300, please post.

    This would be great for chicken.....
  11. Thanks for the info. Looks like the bigger element idea is not going to work. I an not sure if putting a different thermostat in is a good idea. To make the element hotter you must reduce the resistance in the thermostat, and this will increase current flow. The question is will it burn up the element. It surely will shorten it's life I would suspect.

    I have already discovered another solution to the max temp issue. I am finding that many items benefit from a finish on my infrared grill. The sausage that I just did were much better after about 3 minutes on the hot grill. Chicken is even better as well. The skin gets some crisp on it instead of being rubber. The Infrared grill helps keep in the moisture, so the combo works well. It can also cut cooking times in half on many things. I have yet to try it on larger items like a pork butt yet. I'll let you all know when I give it a try. I May get 4 butts and pull 3 of the on at differnt time to finish on the grill. That way I can see if the is any improvment from the longer smoker times.

    Godd eating!
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  12. Chicken may benefit from finishing on the grill for the skin, but butts are meant to be low and slow. I'm sure you'll find that the pork will be drier and tougher and less moist if it sis finished on the grill....

    I don't think we need to tinker with how hot the element is actually running,  all we need to figure out how to have the thermostat set at higher temperatures...

    I guess I'll have to look into this....
  13. dert

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    One could just hot wire the element using a ranco external thermostat (rated upto 15 amps)

    I use these on my converted chest freezers and they work well...
  14. dert

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    I would guess with the element on full blast the interior could reach 300+ degrees F. This makes me wonder why the original thermostat limits out so low...??

    Perhaps a fire concern running the element too long? Or the insulation or installed electronics or wires are not rated for that high of temp...I'm sure there is a good reason.
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    I feel the intent with the 250 degree limit, be it a Smokin-it or a SmokinTex unit is that smoking meats is traditionally low and slow. Most meats do very well at the 225 temp; That being said, maxing out at 250 seems reasonable. Cookshack hits 300, and that is approaching roasting temps, which is fine for crisping skin.  But one can always place the meat on a grill for a few minutes, or under an oven broiler.
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    The AMNPS works awesome with the jerky dryer. You can cold smoke all day long or run at any temps you want. 
  17. Hey Dert,
    don't they top out at 225F? as ther are intended for beer production?
    or can you set higher temps on it?? if so how high can you go?
  18. dert

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    They are only good to 220... Have to find a Honeywell analog version with the bulb.

    Or a PID and relay combo...
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  19. Has anyone figured out how to keep the smoke going? I'm have to replace wood every 30 minutes. The first few smokes I did I would get a flare up. The past few smokes I've wrapped the chips in foil with the same results. Should I use chunks or soak the chips/chunks? Any help would be appreciated.
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    One small chunk should give you plenty of smoke for 2-3 hours. That's all you need. Use chunks not chips. No need to soak them. I noticed my chunks puff a little at first. When the smoker heats up the first time. This is normal. I have
    The #2. I got it just a few weeks ago. I have done ribs, chicken, brisket, and pork shoulders . Each have come out fantastic! I am doing a big beef roast today. I threw a few old fashion hot dogs on for an hour at the beginning. Nice lunch snack waiting for the roast!

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