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  1. You can pick up a small stainless steel table for about $100 online. They make perfect stands.
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    Save your money and get the Masterbuilt XL propane gas smoker  around199.00. I bought one about a month ago and it works like a champ. With one small modification ,use a 8-10 inch cast iron skillet and place this on top of the burner plate and use wood chunks instead of chips and it smoke city.. i did two pork butts , three slabs of ribs and a 18lb. brisket all in one cooking. They came out great with a nice smoke ring on the brisket. BEAUTIFUL!
  3. hey Grimm do you have a specific table?

    I found this one on amazon

    It is a little low to not have on a table
  4. The table I found I picked up used on craigslist from a restaurant that closed down. You might be able to find something in your area, otherwise. I would suggest looking for one with a backsplash so the smoker doesn't accidentally fall of the table like this.

    You might even find that something like this would work well If you are just looking to raise it.

  5. hey maximushnj,went same way u did saved some $ on a masterbuilt xl w/ few mods like added todds 12" amazen pellet tube smoker w/ great results,although smokin it mod 3 was my other choice due to all great reviews here just couldnt pull trigger due to storm sandy ill wait for a buddy of mine to purchase cause electric is all he can use where he lives an go from there,happy smokin
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    I'll be keeping my eye out for something like this.  
  8. Thanks Grimm. I will have to check the out. The smoker might be to top heavy and requires some pressure to close. I dont want it falling over either.
  9. could always bolt it to the table. If i recall correctly the casters screw into a threaded nut in the bottom of the leg. 4 simple holes thru the top and the right length bolt and you should be good to go. Or try to find one with a back splash or lip, so if the smoker slides when shutting the door, it will have something to stop it.
  10. This one could be about perfect: 
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    I've had good results with Alton Brown's recipe: He does his in an electric smoker as well. Here is the video from The Best Thing I Ever Made.
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  12. Trying to decide on a #2 or #3

    Never smoked anything in my life so this would be my first smoker

    Do you think the #3 would be overkill?

    The shipping here to NJ is 48.00 for the #2 and 119.00 for the #3 so I am leaning toward the #2


  13. Thanks, ill check that meatloaf out. Wish me luck.
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    My suggestion is to get as much as you can within your budget. You cite the shipping charges and there is a large difference.  But shipping is very quick (make sure the smoker is in stock) and well packaged.  Also, you can always smoke less in a large unit but cannot smoke more in a smaller unit, if that makes sense.  
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  15. I had a #2 and sold it to a friend so I could get a #3. The #2 was probably plenty for what I needed, but I like being able to lay out whole slabs of ribs in the #3. If you can get it within the budget go with the #3, but if not, don't fret, the #2 is just as kick ass!
  16. Yes i think that looks like it would work well.
  17. Before "pulling the plug", I would thoroughly investigate the various types of smokers that are available, as each has its own separate advantages. is a pretty good source.

    I went with the #2 unit & it has been big enough for me ( I don't smoke a huge amount of food at one time). Shipping was reasonable (I'm in Mass); 

    packaging was extraordinary & the unit came in a couple days.

    Welcome to the smoking world - you'll have a blast!
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    I have also added a smoke daddy cold smoking unit to my smoker. now i can now smoke things like chees and pork belly. it's a breeze to use.
  19. I concur with both of these. If you can afford it, go big early. I have a #2 that I'll eventually replace with a #3 to better handle larger, full briskets and large racks of ribs.

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