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  1. Great feedback thanks.  I will check out all the suggestions.  I guess my request was pretty generic and I could of created a new thread.  I figured this was the Smokin-It Owners thread and I have been reading posts for the last couple of thread.  When i get some cooking going I will be sure to post something.  Hopefully I can get it seasoned tonight.  It is supposed to rain tonight.
  2. When I first got my #2, I was using cherry chunks from Home Depot. I think it was bagged under the Char-Broil name. I had a helluva time with it flaring up. Never determined if it was the super-dry wood or the winds at the time. Since then, I've successfully used that wood by wrapping those chunks in foil, poking a half-dozen holes in the foil with a paper clip, and it's been working fine. I also bought a couple batches of apple and pecan chunks from, and no problem with flare-ups using that. Tonight I did a nice delmonico using a piece of the provided hickory, along with a chunk of lump charcoal. About an hour in the smoker, pulled at 120 and tossed on the grill for about 2-minutes per side - marvelous! So much fun!
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    I have the #1 model and it seems to give way too much smoke flavor from just one chunk. After 2 hours in, the chunk turned to ash. I am assuming the wood is starting a fire. Plus the food is getting over cooked too.

    1. Will wrapping the wood in foil prevent the flame of the wood? or

    2. Should I reduce the wood?

    3. What thermometer is good to have resting at the top of the smoker hole? Any $10 analog bbq thermometer?

    Thanks, Jon
  4. Watch the smoker's vent on the top, if it's PUFFING white smoke, the wood is flaring up. It should only have a light stream of thin blue smoke. It's usually thicker at first then thins out. But when it flares it will be thick white smoke, sometimes even coming out the crack of the door.

    1)Wrapping the wood in foil helps prevent flare ups.

    2)Monitor the smoke from the vent first, but one chunk should be fine.

    3)Most of us use the Maverick Et-732, it's a wireless digital thermometer with a probe for meat and smoker. Drop them in thru the top vent hole to use.

    Hope that helps.
  5. I've used Sam's Smokers on the net if you like wood chips - great product, burns "sweet".

    Also used "Classic Country Farms" on ebay for wood chunks (they are cut in discs, so they fit nicely in the wood box.

    The Maverick is a great idea also.

    Seems like you are pretty well set.

    Good smokin!!!
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    It is great. Any one can taste this and you will find it very delicious.

    Probably you are going to get one for you too.................
  7. So the wood should turn into a black chunk of charcoal and not ash? I never see anything but white smoke conning out of the vent hole. Any suggestions? I'm using pucks.
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    I can't speak to/or about the pucks.  I use wood chunks.  My smoke starts out a bluish white or grayish white, not heavy mind you, and after 15/20 or so minutes, turns into the wispiest of smoke, and stays that way for the next couple of hours or so.  At the end of a cook/smoke, all I have left is very fluffy ash. 
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  9. In foil the chunks will turn to ash. I think the pucks could be the problem. I imagine that they start to flame up at a much lower temp then hard wood chunks. Try wrapping it loosely in foil with enough opening for airflow. You could also try just a charcoal briquette to see if that flares, it shouldn't. But thick white smoke is not the goal.
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    Okay I have a small cookshack, would like something bigger so I was thinking of a #3, but would I really be much better off?
    Also have seen some used Southern Pride electrics on Ebay for 2500 or so, compared to the 700 for the #3 would one be better off to save up and look into one of the commercial units?

    I love my cookshack but with only 14x14 racks it has limits and forget doing sausage in it, you can't hang it without it touching the smoke box. Is this a problem in the #3 unit?

    The GF and I stopped at a meat place last week they had a Southern Pride DH65 I think out side and I was looking at it teller her I need one of these and as you may have guessed she thought I was nuts and didn't need one, she lacks understanding in these types of matters.
  11. Just finished my B-Day order for a number 1 and a cold smoking plate...can't wait!!!



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    need more info amount of sausage in pounds.

    ,,type or how long sausage sticks will be and how often you make sausage ect
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    So I've spent the past 3 days reading through all 23 pages (23 PAGES!) of this thread in helping make the decision on which smoker to buy.  I had pretty much decided that the Smokin-It Smoker was the winner, but wanted to read through this entire thread before pulling the trigger.  I'll be ordering the #3 tomorrow.  My only concern is that I will be storing this on the back patio, without overhang cover, and time will tell how weather affects it.  That said, this is a pretty simple unit without a lot that can fail, and every smoker in these conditions faces the same potential issues.  

    Thank you all so much for all the of the information.  Forums make the decision journey so much fun and really make an informed buyer in a relatively short period of time.  

    I know Smokin-It currently has a couple of week backlog on the #3, so the wait will be painful, but surely worth it.  

    Thanks again.
  14. old sarge

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    I think you have made a wise choice.  Happy smoking!
  15. kbosch74

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    Hey guys,

    Steve informed me that the #3 would be 42" tall on the stand.  per the site, the #3 is about 30" tall.  So the stand is only a foot tall?!

    Does anyone have a picture of their #3 on the stand to share?

    thank you.  
  16. old sarge

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    kbosch74 - Here is a video with the Model 3 to give you an idea of the size of the unit.  I couldn't find anything showing the 3 on a stand.  In any event, this might help.

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    Anyone ever put Royal Oak or any other lump coal in their Smokin' it or any electric smoker? I tried to research, but couldn't find much.
  18. old sarge

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    I have placed a lump of mesquite in the smoker, without food, just to see if it would produce smoke.  It did not, although it was turning to ash and I could tell from the smell that something was happening. I also placed a lump in with a chunk of wood during a smoke  and it made no noticeable difference in the taste of the food. And I did not take any notice if a smoke ring was produced a result of the charcoal being present.  So for me, I don't do it now. I have a wood burner for that and for the electric, I stick with raw wood chunks.

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  19. jond36

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    Sounds good to me. Thanks for saving me some time. I would have been trying the lump for hours. - JD
  20. kbosch74

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    Thanks, Old Sarge.  

    Steve confirmed for me again that this only adds 12 inches in height.  Actually, he said it's 17 inches because you have to subtract the wheels...but that's not correct, as the wheels are present whether you use a stand or not.  For $200 plus shipping, this seems crazy to me.  It would be worth it if it added 48 inches in height, but the fact that you still have to bend halfway over with their stand doesn't make any sense to me.  

    Ordering the #3 today, minus the stand.  

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