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    Good call bocaboy, you'll be happy with the extra space
  2. dert

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  3. Congrats Dert! I also Brew, but not quite on your level hahaha. You will love the smokin-it!
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    Congrats! [​IMG]
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    After two years of wanting a smoker of some sort and a year of seriously contemplating an electric (for various reasons) I finally pulled the trigger today on a Smokin-It Model 2.  :)  Also ordered an extra 5lbs of hickory and a Maverick ET-732, so after a quick trip to the old meat market I should be up and smoking next weekend.  Qview and questions to follow!
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    Congratulations. You will be happy with your purchase. And when the Ms. taste the food you cook, you will be even happier. Just sayin'.
  7. Looking forward to First Smoke tomorrow on my new #2, which arrived Tuesday and was seasoned on Wednesday. Planning to do two racks of spare ribs - one using Al's 3-2-1 Asian Rib recipe from Jeff's book, and the other with Jeff's rub straight up along with Chef Jimmy J's Foiling Juice. Also making up a batch of ABTs - half jalapenos, and half cute little mini red, yellow and orange peppers to appease NumberOneWife. Cannot wait. Tomorrow might be the first Saturday in a long time where I don't sleep in until 10:00 .... 
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    Congrats again! Great to see more new owners of the SI units.
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    When I was looking to buy my first smoker last summer (as a belated 50th birthday present from my wife) there wasn't much written on the SI smokers and so I hesitated buying one...almost pulled the trigger on the MES, but thankfully I held off. I'm thankful I waited now seeing how everyone is satisfied with the SIs. Looking at the #2. 

    What accessories do you recommend?  Do I need an AMNS or does this thing produce great smoke on it's own? I really want to make some venison polish and summer sausage, so I'm thinking I will need some rib hooks maybe for the polish and the occasional spare ribs. Also, do most of you recommend the Maverick ET-732 or is there another temp probe I should look for?
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    Love the smoker. The only thing I wouldn't get if I had it to do over, is the cord hanger. The cover goes on much easier without it, and my cord never stayed on it. Also, not only does it cost quite a bit it adds a bit to the shipping cost. I hadn't realized that when I bought mine. I did buy an extra grill for my Model #3 and I'm glad I did. also got the cover.
  11. gonzo

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    Suya - Thanks, I'm thinking since mine will be stored in the garage that I can do without the cover. Also, what's the deal about the cord hanger I read so much about? 
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    The AMNPS does not perform well in the SI due to it being so air tight, but the smoker produces excellent smoke on its own so no worries. I keep mine in the garage but find the cover works well as a cord keeper if I set the cord on top then put the cover on to hold it in place. I love my 732, no problems yet at all. I'd put my money towards some qmats and a 732 before anything SI offers in accessories.
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    The AMNPS works great if you get the jerky dryer fan. The SI is great for jerky. But it produces great smoke on it's own. 
  14. gonzo

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    I had to look up what qmats were?  Are you referring to those QMATZ non-stick BBQ Mats made by TJohnson?  Think the -732 will definitely be in the shopping cart. Just don't know about the cord hanger. Could use the cover I guess
  15. Welcome....[​IMG]
  16. Welcome....[​IMG]
  17. Welcome....[​IMG]
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    Yup, those are the mats. Great for all sorts of stuff. Most that have ordered the cord hanger do not recommend it or say you can do the same thing yourself for about $1.50.
  19. louballs

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    I just use a twist tie on the cord and rest it on top. No real need for a hanger w/ or w/out the cover. The AMNS has a tough time, but i just used a little masking tape and had the door open just a really small crack. Once I did this I would getting 12 hours straight of smoke using dust. However, I really only need this for cold smoking. If you are going to be hot smoking mostly, the smoker itself does a great job of producing smoke and keeping an even temperature.

    I bought the cold smoking plate, which I now regret as its kind of a pain to use.

    I bought the 732 and it works great. Some people said there are moisture issues of water getting into the probe where the wire goes in. I sealed this with a cheap tube of silicone from home depot, water tight and now I don't have to worry about it. I haven't purchased the Qmatz, but thinking about it for when I smoke some fish. Good luck!
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  20. dert

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    Here is a temp curve for the #3...

    Had it set to 225, opened it twice for ribs (foiled and unfoiled), then set to 250 near the end... Intervals are every one minute.
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