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    Not sure but this may have been the smoker in a very high altitude having this problem but I hear that's always been a problem with baking/cooking in higher elevations. I have the #3 and have never looked back or regretted the decision. Smoke Happens nailed it with his response. Their usage is growing very fast once the word got out about reliability and performance. Buy as big as you can....
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    Folks, I know I should be asking this some where else, but I trust you guys/gals.  What thermometer do you all use? I had an iGrill which is just crap so I just bought the Maverick ET-73 from Cabellas. I just used it for the first time last night and unfortunately, I think I'm taking it back. It seems accurate, but the on/off switch for the transmitter is inside the battery compartment which you need a coin to open up. There is also a small round gasket that falls out every time you open the compartment. I don't see myself loving this thing so if I have to spend a couple more $ to get something I'm going to love and trust for a few years, so be it. Any suggestions?
  3. I use the Maverick ET-732, the bottons are on the outside of the case, I suggest applying high temp silicone to the probe end where the cable connects, I had to get replacement probes do to the probe shorting from moisture getting in there while on. Maverick replaced them under warranty. Other than that I haven't had any problem.
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    I think you will be happy with the 732 as Grimm5577 indicated.  Here is a video link on the differences between the 73 and the upgraded 732, to include switch placement:

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    You guys rock!

    Thanks. 732 it is then.
  7. Just rubbed up some spare ribs for smoke tomorrow.  First time using the #2.  What temp and how long to leave on smoker.  Would like to have them ready around 4pm.
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    I've had ribs done in 4 hours and some 5 hours and some in 6. 225 degrees.  There are a couple of methods.  One is the 2-2-1 method:  2 hours on the rack, 2 hours in foil on the rack and then 1 hour back on the rack no foil.  The other is the 3-2-1 which is 3 hours without foil, 2 with and 1 without. I generally skip the foil and start checking the ribs at the 4 hour mark for tenderness and how much fat has been rendered. Starting early is ok.  If they finish early, wrap them and place them in an old cooler to keep warm. If they finish to your liking on time, you must be living right. Some folks will crank up the temp to 240 or 250 to speed things up a bit.  Done so myself.  

    No two racks are the same so you will be doing some adjusting each time; nothing drastic.  Testing can be by tooth pick slid along the bone (easy in and done) or grabbing a bone and give a slight twos to see if it separates.  Also notice how much shrinkage or pull from the end of the bone there is. No shrinkage, not tender. About 1/2 inch shrinkage or pull is good.

    Lastly, go light o the wood. Too much smoke can ruin the food.  Too little can be dresses up with BBQ sauce. I stay with a 2 ounce piece.  Weighed on a digital scale.

    Check the smoking meat (pork) section of the forum for some hints and tips. Also look at the smoking-it site as well.

    Good luck and enjoy!
  9. Just tested the temperature using ET-732 and set at 250 and ET-732 is reading at 310.  This thermostat is WAY off or the Maverick is way off.. Anyone else have such a wide temp range?  I don't have a water pan inside but I thought these smokers were pretty accurate w/ their temperatures
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    There are a couple of things here.

    1.  Check your thermometer in boiling water to check for accuracy. Did the Maverick read 310 for a brief time or did you leave it in for an hour or so to see if it dips and rises?  Was the probe placed in the same location as the built in probe? I have read here and elsewhere that the initial power up for the smoker runs well above 250, then settles down to closer to the set temperature for the duration of smoking/cooking.  I just don't know where specifically I read that but will look.

    2.  Like a conventional oven, the smoker will cycle on and off to maintain a set temperature, or as I refer to it, a good average of the set temp.  That means it will run high of the set temp, shut down, and  when it dips below the set temp it come back on. How wide a swing above/below the established temp is considered normal I cannot say. I would defer to Steve at Smokin-it for an answer. 

    3.  Once loaded with food, the heat will be absorbed by the food for a certain period of time and this will affect the temp swing as well. I would proceed at 225 with the ribs and check them at the 3 or 4 hour mark and note the temp swings at 15 minute intervals throughout the process.  
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    I found the reference:  Read the posts here.  I hope this helps and you enjoy the ribs.   I think everyone, myself included, worried far too much initially.  Mine is digital and I ran a second digital 'just to be sure'.  It still did not help me relax and enjoy. I no longer worry about whether the digital controller is accurate or not.  If the smoker come on and I see smoke, I go off to do other things for a few hours.
  12. I just hung the probe through the smoke hole.  I did go up to 310 initially then down to 270 but then back up to 302.  I guess boiling water is the best way to check to see if thermometer is correct. Thanks for your response..
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    runnerbl - You MAY have a problem, I'm not saying that you do not. But I would give it time, and do some food and see how it goes. 

    As popular as these smokers have become, I am somewhat surprised more users have not chimed in.

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    Wouldn't that be normal? A non PID thermal control will vary ~ 20 degrees +\- the set temp. This is what happens in a home oven. The set temp is the average
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    As old sarge detailed above, wouldn't that be normal? A non PID thermal control will vary ~ 20 degrees +\- the set temp. This is what happens in a home oven. The set temp is the average. You should not expect to see a constant temp. Just not how it works. Check it out in your oven
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    I get 30* swings either north of south of the set point, which is normal for electrics as they cycle on and off. What I have noticed is that the smoker behaves very differently when loaded then when unloaded. Swings are not as noticeable or drastic while loaded then if empty. I have never seen anything north of 300* though when loaded with food, so I'll be watching this one closely. Maybe start a new thread specifically about your issue over in the SI group section so it can be found easier, noticed we're nearing 400 posts on this thread.
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    Real good advice from Sarge above.....I too was freakin out at first, taking copius notes on swings & how long between power surges etc. Once I started putting actual food in there and setting it and leaving it alone it worked fine. Yes, there are swings...seem to all even out in the end. My last ribs were a Johnny Trigg style where I did the foiling...instead of a 3-2-1 it was ready at a 3-2. Once you get in the groove of how YOU like your chow it will become more natural for you. I haven't taken a note since January preferring Sarges method of putting chow in, setting the temp and going about my business for a few hours. I still plan on 2 hours per # for the whole muscle smokes, still experience the stall but have learned to allow extra time just because. Check your therm in boiling water for grins...rely on the probe for when meat is ready. Ribs are to thin to really probe so I go by the pull back and bend test and about how long they been in. Smoke on.....nothing to fear <grin>
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    Funny, I just came here to report on some of my findings regarding temperature on the Model #3 only to find the discussion has begun. If there is no objection, I think I will start another thread on this subject. Just because we are at page 19 here.
  19. Hey Guys and Gals....

    I'm such a newbie, PLEASE...when you post food....specify what type of ribs...pork or beef...the cut/type of ribs, type of brisket...etc.  Temp and how long...I know this part will vary...but give me an idea.

    ALSO...when you use a rub or mop it, PLEASE post what type of rub and what you use it for(beef, pork,chicken) and what you're using for a mop or sauce and when you place.  Even if you don't use anything but salt and pepper....don't figure in that I might know that as a given.

    In other words: Help this newbie out...ME  ...   [​IMG].... [​IMG]... [​IMG]...I'm here to learn and learn from you all is what I want to do.  I also want to hear what rubs(commercial or homemade) you all are using....heck, even the place or website to get them.

    NO abbreviations...please...except for the Smokin it machine...I get SI means that.

    Thank you for helping newbie-Oklahoma Cohiba.  I need all the help I can get!!! [​IMG]
  20. This is actually a thread for the Smokin-It smoker. You should probably go to the recipe section if you want to know what to use and how to use it. There is a sauce, rub, and marinade sticky there too.
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