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  1. Thanks,

    I haven't had a problem fitting a full rack yet, it certainly can be tight at times though.
  2. Anyone ever smoke chicken wings? What temp and for how long should I go? Can't use a temp probe for this one. Any suggestions?
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    I ordered the number 2.It's my first smoker and so far it's great.I did order the cord hanger and there is absolutely no reason to charge extra shipping for it.It probably doesn't weigh 2 or 3 ounces.It was in the bag with the wheels.The cord is so stiff making the hanger useless.It needs a hanger on the bottom also.Go to Lowe's or any hardware store and spend less than 3 dollars for 2 hangers.Not 15.00 for 1.
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    I have the cover for mine, and what I find works best is to just coil up the cord and lay it on top of the smoker. Then I put the cover on and it's a snug enough fit that it holds the cord in place on top of the unit and does not fall or dangle around. Works well for me, but you would need the cover for that option to work I suppose.
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    Here is my AMNPS with the jerky dryer fan on my #2 Smokin-it smoker. The AMNPS never did very good due to lack of air, with the fan it burns awesome
  6. 250 for about 1-1/2 - 2 hours. If you like crisp skin, you can flash deep fry them for 2 minutes, after.
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    The best results I have rendered so far is 5 hours at 220. I bought an extra rack so all three racks are filled with the plumpest wings I can find, dashed with Morton's Natures Seasoning. I use 5 oz of mesquite with a few bits of charcoal. The wings are falling off the bone tender, with a nice brown complexion.

    For the sauce I mix half a stick of butter with 1/3 cup each of Sriracha sauce, Texas Pete and Parmesan cheese.

    Heat it up and mix then pour over the wings when they are finished cooking. 

    For an Asian flair, add a dash of Lemon Pepper, a little Terriaki sauce and fresh Cilantro.

    Life changing.

    I have a No. 1 so results may vary for larger units.
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    I do the same thing, no need for the "cord hanger". I think the cover is a must have if you keep your unit outside at all times like i do.
  9. Was looking around on YouTube a couple of years ago and found a video titled

    Best Smoked Chicken Wings Ever How To

    I was skeptical but gave them a try. Smoked them in my Smokin-It (actually, it was a Cookshack back then) and then finished them on a gas grill.

    I don't know if they're the world's best or not, but I wouldn't argue with anyone who said they were.
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    I agree about the cord hanger.  The cord is so heavy duty that  it's pretty hard to wrap it around the cord hanger anyway.  I use it but only because I bought it, wouldn't miss it if I didn't have it.  I bought an air conditioner cover for mine for $7 at Lowe's.   I think the Smokin Its are best bought with no ad ons.  I got the chip insert free, glad I have it but could probably get away without that too. The 
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    OK folks, I need your recommendations! I have been using a Big Green Egg for almost 20 years, but it definitely has its drawbacks in the ease-of-use category. I've been following this string about Smokin-It smokers, and have been considering buying a #1. It's my birthday in a couple weeks, and I could definitely talk my family into giving me the gift of some cash. I also have a $200 gift card I got from AT&T for switching from Comcast to U-verse (more on that in a minute) so all combined, I should be able to swing this!

    So, what's the verdict? Does everyone like their Smokin-It smokers? Any failures or negatives you want to share?? Anyone who bought the #1 who now wishes they had purchased the #2? This will be my first, and most likely only, electric smoker, and this sure looks like the right product at the right price, but I would really like to hear from hands-on users that are on this forum. My birthday is in two weeks, so y'all have plenty of time to think about your response!

    As for Comcast vs. U-verse, in retrospect the decision was smarter than I would have thought at the time. More stations, especially in HD, and a much more stable Internet signal. While Internet speed was 25 mbs with Comcast, it would stutter and slow down when the usage in the neighborhood was the greatest, e.g., night time. We'd often have to wait for a movie to cache in the middle of watching it. With U-verse, my Internet is a bit slower (18 mps) but it is all mine, and I have no problems with streaming anything. And it's less expensive to boot, even after the promotional pricing ends.

    So let me know what you think: thumbs up or thumbs down on the Smokin-It #1.

    In advance, thanks to everyone for taking the time to respond! Now I'm off to smoke some freshly caught kingfish in my BGE!
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    Cliff Notes Version:

    1. Yes, as far as I know, everyone likes their SI units

    2. Not aware of any failures, nice thing about the unit is that there is not much to fail. Really only 2 replacement parts (element and thermostat)

    3. Yes, some folks would rather have had the #2 over the #1, but not many. Buy the biggest you can afford, you want room to grow with the unit.

    4. It should be your last electric smoker you will need if you buy the right size.

    I would read back through this thread and some of the others in the SI Owner's group, you will find a lot of good info to help make your choice. There is lengthy and informative discussions as well as answers to to each question you asked above (from many different owners of all 3 sizes).

    With that said, and reading through that info myself, you just are not going to find a lot of bad things to say about the SI units. They are very different then the egg, but it sounds like you may be aware of that already.
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    the smoke-it smokers seem to have a very nice build but I am surprised at the 250F limit .... with the size heating element (especially the #3) I would expect a bit higher think they have plans to change it ?
  14. smoke happens

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    I do! Need to check with SI to be sure it can handle more and then get a PID to do it. On the project list for the summer.
  15. Bocaboy,

    Smoke Happens pretty much nailed it. If you can swing a #2 I would go that route. I have a #2 and I wish I just ponied up and bought the #3 at the time. Until recently there was very very very little information on the smokin-it units, much less then today and it seems to be growing daily. None the less the few reviews I did see where all positive so I pulled the trigger on the #2. I still have yet to see a negative complaint.
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    Regarding the 250 degree limit.  The SmokinTex line is also limited to 250, the idea is a long slow smoke.
  17. I have the #2 and would like some advice on how to smoke sauages if anyone can help
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    sometimes you need the extra temperature ... running short of time, chicken... My smoker ,like yours, can handle a little bit higher temps and I do use them. I wish that I could go even higher. With the 1200w heating element I thought they could.
  19. smoke happens

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    If you're talking about smoking them in the #2 you will most likely need to lay them flat. I did summer sausage and snack sticks in mine, snack sticks will for sure be put on the rack flat next next and the summer sausage worked ok if you tie short logs.
  20. I've only seen one problem report where the Smokin-IT wasn't getting up to 250 degrees. There's a thread in the Smokin-IT group section about it, but so far as I know that user contacted Steve and they're working out a solution/exchange/whatever. Despite that problem, the Smokin-IT's seem to be a very reliable. They are built like tanks, and are definitely worthy of the Warthog decals Smoke Happens has on his #3.
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