Smokin-It or Smokin Tex????

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by davemhughes, Jul 11, 2015.

  1. davemhughes

    davemhughes Newbie

    Comparing the two right now. Looking at the #2 or #3 in the Smokin-it or the 1400 in the Smokin Tex.

    Looking for longevity as a priority and temp control,  would be nice to get up to 300F for some crisp poultry work every now and then but not required. Done with the whole cheaper ones. Would like to continue to use my Amaz N tray as i love that thing.

    Read several threads but anyone owned both or good working knowledge of both?
  2. old sarge

    old sarge Master of the Pit

    You will get more smoker for your money with Smokin-it (SI). Check them out feature for feature be it the warranty or power cord or dimensions or heating element.
  3. divotmaker

    divotmaker Smoke Blower

    No contest between those...the Smokin-It #3 is the way to go.  Not only will you get it cheaper than the ST model you are considering, it is 21" deep!  I actually own a Smokin-It model 1, 2 and 3, and know the difference in what you are considering.  If you want a "comparable" smoker, go with the #2 SI for a lot less $$.  If you want the ability to smoke full packer briskets, and full racks of ribs, go with the #3.  Go to the Smokin-It website, click on the forum link, and join.  Then, ask the 1600+ happy users all the "hard" won't be disappointed with the candid responses you'll get.  Great folks, who are all just a bunch of "like minded" happy owners! 
  4. mark4mn

    mark4mn Fire Starter

    I agree with Divot! I have a #2 and #3 and use them a lot. #2 is a 2011 model. Neither has skipped a beat on hot, cold, rainy (under ez-up). Live in CA so I cannot comment on snow......

    I bought the #2 virtually sign unseen because the MES reviews made me nervous. Had a long conversation with Steve, the SI owner and bought it the same day. I bought the #3 in 2013 because the #2 was so good!

    Still using the analog controllers and have done no other mods. Units don't need them.

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  5. davemhughes

    davemhughes Newbie

    I purchased a SI #3, just waiting for it's arrival. Almost did not because the shipping was so stupidly expensive ($112.00) but I kept telling once, cry once

    I will probably do a couple of video reviews of it once it arrives and plan to be as objective as i can......maybe help the next guy.
  6. old sarge

    old sarge Master of the Pit

    Excellent choice.  Yes, the shipping is high, but the unit is heavy and well packed.  Whether here or at SI, you are in good company.
  7. divotmaker

    divotmaker Smoke Blower

    Great news, Dave!  You'll love the #3!  Even with shipping, you still ended up with a better value than competitive models.  Like you said, cry once!  Believe me, once you start cranking out some killer Q, you'll quickly forget about the shipping!

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