Smokin-it model 2.

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  1. Got my model 2 today. Everything good that I read in reviews about quality of this smoker is right here in front of my eyes.

    I had two quick observations during seasoning of the smoker.

    First according to manufacturer you only need 4 oz of chunks to start smoking and no need to add extra. My 4oz burned in about an hour and no visible smoke was coming out of the smoker. I gave a call to manufacturer and they confirmed that yeah less wood is the best and that over time as smoker walls are seasoned well smoky flavor will be there with just 4oz of wood.

    To me who is using AMNPS for 6-7 hours it is unusual but I leave it to experts to discuss. I opened wood box to see condition of chunks. They were smoldering , some sides ash white another side charred with some residual lit up spots.

    Observation number 2. I was dying to try AMNPS inside this little unit. Also was skeptical since its well known fact AMNPS needs air. And Smokin-it only have 2 holes (one on top and one small at the bottom for drippings). Long story short I nuked one row of Alder pellets and started AMNPS. After it was ready i placed it in the bottom left corner - it fits just fine there. To my surprise its chugging along second hour already with a nice TBS. Inside T is 225F. Not sure what contributes to a good performance but it works. 

    Here it is on my balcony next to mes40.

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    Nice balcony.

    Could you repeat the question?

    Happy smoking!
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    Congrats on your new Smoker!  Now you will have to serve up LOTs of Q since you paid for and have not one but two smokers!

    Your statement about the AMNPS and your new smoker only having two very small air sources, confirms that those who are drilling extra holes in their MES so the AMNS or AMNPS can have enough air, may be over kill.  I have been using the AMNS off and on ever since it came out, Todd was kind of enough to allow me to beta test.  I have had NO problem keeping the AMNS sawdust lit, as many already know, the key is getting that HOT cherry going when first lit.  The problem I most often struggle with is cross over, the first row or channel smoking nicely and then the heat ignites the next row, and the next, and then they all are going, instead of snaking around the course. 

    I use alum foil to cover the dividers so hopefully the heat is contained a little better in the row ignited.  I used the AMNS two nights ago on 14 hour smoke, the first load in the AMNS went almost 3 hours and worked great, the second load never worked properly, the surprising thing is it appeared I had smoke, I even could smell it, I don't like to open the hatch and check because that burst of fresh air can cause the adjacent channels to the burning channel to ignite.  Anyway it was time to check the meat temp (my external probe died), and only the first channel had burned and quit, so rather than fool with it I went back to chips.
  4. I think AMNS suffers from a single wall design. I did same foil thing but I think it limits air flow and my lines were burning slower than usual and mostly in the very middle of the line. Another thing I noticed - AMNPS or AMNS perform better in MES with exhaust half closed. Maybe it creates more air flow inside.....

    As of Q-views I am planning to make 3-2-1 bb-ribs next Tuesday so I'll post some pics then.
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    I no longer the instructions but I believe they do instruct to close the exhaust vent down almost 80-90%.  I close mine about 85%.
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    That unit is pretty much the same as the SmokinTex1400 unit. The issue with the AMNPS is airflow. I am working on a fan and baffle and if it works I will send you the configuration. I have been using the AMNS as a tester from the very start and it works great with the sawdust and requires no modification at all. I also use the AMNPS with sawdust and have no issues with it so if it were me I would order the AMNPS and dust to start with until I finish testing the fan solution. 
  7. But AMNPS performed great in Smokin-it with only two tiny holes. Maybe AMNPS in MES suffers because air goes through the hot box. So its more of a MES problem rather than AMNPS.
  8. Congrats on the smokin-it model 2 I have the model 1 and love it can't wait til I can get the model 3
  9.  AHAKOHDA, thanks for the observations. If you have any experimental results please post them. I await the q-view.

  10.  Pop-up said this failed to post and to try again later. When I tried later it posted twice. Too much fun!!

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  11. Bigger challenge for AMNPS would be fighting with moisture when meat is actually cooking. Come to think of it in such a sealed box as smokin-it moisture can be good for food but a killer for pellets or dust. We'll see.
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    Great Observations!

    The CookShack, Smokin It and Smokin Tex all have the same limited air intake issues for the AMNPS

    Scar and I have been working on this for some time, so I'm VERY interested in what you're doing different?

    Very Cool!

  13. OK  7:30pm

    two 8lb shoulders are in.

    AMNPS is in.

    Lets wait and see the result.
  14. Here is the short recap.  Large load of meat was a difference in AMNPS performance. I guess moisture was killing it every time I reignited the pellets. So AMNPS is no go in this smoker.

    Another disturbing observation. I placed Maverick probe at the top grate and temperature never raised above 210F with smoker dial all the way to 250F. At this point it was 14 hours and inside meat temperature is at 145F. Don't know what to think. Maybe two 8 lb chunks are too much for this smoker.......
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    Have you contacted the company?  I'd be interested in their reply
  16. The highest it got to was 214F at the exhaust hole. Meat is still at 147F and I don't even know if its safe to eat anymore.....Called the company left a message. [​IMG]

    I mean I was able to get it to 225F during seasoning and it was cooler outside. I can't believe that 16 lb of meat can affect performance of a smoker that is advertised as "this smoker has the capacity to hold approximately 35 pounds of meat or seafood.". I guess to hold and to smoke are the key words.

    EDIT. I decided to check if Maverick termo is OK.  I pull out probe and re-inserted it into top shelf meat. It was 156F. Bottom piece was at 151F. [​IMG]
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  17. my model1 runs hotter than what the dial says I have never stuffed it full but have done 2 fatties and a chicken at the same time with no problems
  18. I guess real load these smokers are able to handle is much lower than advertised.
  19. I have the model 2 and love it, butts get up to 205 and that is when I pull them off.  someone knows the temp but meat only takes smoke up to what 150 or so and after that your just smoking wood.  I've had 40 lbs of meat in it and it has done great.   I only cold smoke and when I do I leave a little crack in the door so that air can get in. you can get a cheap fish tank pump and put it in the bottom hole for more air but the crack does just fine.
  20. I love my model 1 and so does everybody who samples what comes out of it!!

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