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Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by old sarge, Mar 30, 2016.

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    To date I have used my SI 3D to smoke ribs and a brisket flat and a 17 lb full packer brisket. I am very impressed with the accuracy and stability of the controller both from a temperature stand point as well as timed cooks.

    I use a Thermapen to check internal temperature of meat when I remove it from the smoker. Readings from the Thermapen and that of the built in PID have been identical. This is a very impressive smoker.

    At this time I see no need for using any external or wireless device to monitor smoker temp. A secondary device to monitor meat internal temp progress will be necessary only for simultaneous smoking of multiple items like several briskest or butts. Again, I am very impressed.
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    That's good to hear Sarge!

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    Always great when something works properly right out of the box with no tinkering involved.
  4. I've had my Smokin-It 3D since Labor Day.  I have used it to smoke salmon on several occasions, briskets, ribs, pork shoulder, turkey and chicken legs.  It's fun to use and I do look forward to my next smoke.  But I bought the smoker for specific reasons to do bulk loads of smoking during the spring a summer months.  So the verdict is out whether it meets my specific needs.

    You do get a smoked flavor in your food.  But make no mistake to those coming from smoking with a wood burner, do not expect the same results when cooking with electric.  People who have written about this are absolutely correct, they are not the same.  Not necessarily better or worse, just a different product than what I was used to on my wood burner.  

    Except for meats with a skin that you want crisp, the 3D competes well with wood burning.  But I guess even then you are going to not necessarily get a crispy skin using a smoking method in general.  If that constant temperature or being able to walk away while your meat smokes appeals to you, then electric smokers in general will be the way to go and I put Smokin-It 3D up against any electric smoker.  But if you enjoy the process of actually cooking and do not want the techniques you have acquired, limited by putting it in and forgetting about it,  I would recommend steering clear of electric smokers all together. 

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