Smokin It #2 or #3?

Discussion in 'Smokin-It Owners' started by gitnby, Aug 3, 2013.

  1. Have settled on a Smokin It over the Smokin Tex, thanks to some input from several members.

    I have an MES 30 at my Lake House and it has worked flawlessly so far.

    But, I want one for our other house and decided to try one of the SS models.

    The MES 30 has plenty of room for my needs, but can't decide between the #2 or #3?

    If the #3 was offered on Amazon, I would have already bought it! (I have several hundred amazon $$)

    My questions are:

    1. Is the #2 going to be large enough? I like to do turkeys, and also like to load up all 4 racks of my MES 30 with wings

    2. The #2 has a 700W element and the #3 has a 1200 W element, but both have the same temp range of 100-250?

    Is the #3 that much bigger that it requires an element that is 70% higher watts?

    3. Cover-anyone find a good cover other than the vinyl ones on the smokin it site? I have a heavy canvas one from Veranda that is great, but it looks to be too small for even the #2?

    I'm thinking the #2 will probably fit my needs, but don't want to make the mistake of wishing I had more cooking space!

    Thanks in advance to all!
  2. wingzofsteel

    wingzofsteel Fire Starter

    I say get the #3 and live long and happy with no regrets. : →)
  3. one thing to consider is that the #3 will accept full racks of ribs, if that is important to you.  It was for me as I did not want to cut the ribs in half which you will have to for the #2.

    It accepts 5 racks.... more room for sausages... and cheese..

    other than that not much difference.  as I said for me leaving the rib racks whole was important....

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