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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by doughnutpig, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. Hello from NE Washington State. I have been experimenting with meat smoking for a year or so, starting with a very nice looking stainless propane unit from Costco, which was $300+. Looked nice but never generated any smoke! I now have a Brinkmann vertical cabinet style because, well, it was CHEAP ($59)! For some reason the manufacturer made this thing so it only gets to about 175 degrees (liability??) and it requires a trip to the house oven to finish just about anything. The final product always tastes great but it's kind of a pain. I drilled holes in the charcoal pan but it didn't help much. I will be adding a grill wok this week. At this time I have a 5 lb brisket in the unit, coming up on 5 1/2 hours at about 150-170 degrees. As usual I plan to finish it in the oven.
    I'm glad I stumbled onto this forum and after perusing it for the last couple hours I decided to jump in. There is some great stuff on here!!
  2. Welcome to the forum. I got the grill wok also for my Brinkman and it made a huge difference on my last smoke. Good things to come!
  3. Welcome to SMF
    Got a question?just ask....Got an idea?,...please share,Ya got a smoke that turned out great?......Post Q-View.........Welcome and enjoy
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    Welcome Donut pig.
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    Welcome to SMF..This is the place to get educated...Check out the 5-Day's free and good info for even seasoned Q'ers
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    Welcome to SMF! Lots of good information here.
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    Welcome to the SMF. Hope you can work out the kinks on that smoker, someone should be along to help.
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    Welcome to SMF, and as richoso1 said," Hope you can WOK the kinks out on that smoker" !!!
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  11. Welcome to SMF glad to have you here

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