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  1. Hello All!

    By profession I am a Senior Programmer/Analyst, but I enjoy dabbling in things Geek, Motorcycles, Gaming (World Of Warcraft), Writing and more and more cooking or in particular smoking.

    It is kind of fun when a Doctor asks you if you smoke, you reply yes with as straight a face as you can manage and when they ask how often you reply "A butt here and there, some ribs, a few chicken thighs -- oh and a couple briskets." They usually look up at you as they change the notes and simply say without much amusement "So that is a no to smoking tobacco..." 8) Doesn't humor them when I ask would that add much to the taste profile...

    I officially got into smoking a few weeks before Father's day last year when my family gave me a Masterbuilt Pro dual fuel water smoker that I had been looking at. I consider myself a closet smoker of sorts due to using the upper rack in my grill and cooking indirectly for years.

    My first local competition was in August of last year, where I did the usual too much for the first time but managed to rank somewhere in the middle of the pack. We had to smoke Pork Butt, St. Louis style ribs, and Chicken Thighs. As it was my first competition I followed the methods of others with higher temps than I had been doing (ala the great Myron Mixon) and although it turned out well enough I have gone back to my methods with better success low and slow as I prepare for the same competition next month.

    I have also modified our old Char-Broil kettle grill to do off-set smoking and have done really well with it with various cooks.

    We managed to take second in ribs at another competition last September and 9th in my first one of this year last month using both the CB and MB smokers.

    This month we opted to upgrade and add another charcoal smoker, a Brinkmann Vertical Offset smoker that will give us even more adventures with charcoal and wood. The new smoker should arrive later tonight and once I pick it up I plan to do a photo log of the process from start to finish.

    I really appreciate all the tips and suggestions that I have found here and look forward to more and perhaps even helping where I can.

    My Wife attended her first competition with me last month and when she saw a few of the KCBS logos and team names that were there (it was a charity non KCBS competition), she started working on one for my team. As I am part Scottish, own a real kilt and bagpipes (was in a pipe band for nine years) we went with a Kilt theme and Voila -- Kilted Swine BBQ 8)

    I have been working on my website and realizing the proverbial wheel has already been invented I have tried to give ideas of what I do and point to the works others have already done to share the fun craft of smoking.


    Bob Sellers

    Chief Cook -- Pit Master

    KCBS: Kilted Swine BBQ

    twitter: @sellersjr

    Anyone can put the heat to meat but few can bar-b-cue...
  2. Hello and welcome to SMF, keep us posted as you progress into the competition arena , good luck

    Gary S

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