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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by sdsmokn, Aug 26, 2015.

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    Hey all - glad to join this community.  Long time reader, long time smoker, just picked up a MES 30 and the AMAZN pellet smoker.

    I also have a medium Green Egg, offset smoker, Weber Kettle, and Weber natural gas Genesis.  I've also built a few "versions" of a pizza oven from the ground up using cinder blocks, fire bricks, etc.  I'm definitely a tinkerer, trying to figure out optimal technique for any given application.

    After smoking for years and years with "analog" technique using charcoal and wood chunks, I recently decided to see what a more digital / precise approach would lend - using an electric smoker with temp control and pellet side box.

    I've smoked ribs, chicken, cheese, bacon and all have turned out great so far.  I'm digging the MES control and capacity, while loving the long smoke times of the AMAZN pellet smoker.  I've been using Smokin' pellets along with corn cob, from Tractor Supply.

    Thanks to all on the forum for sage advice!
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    Welcome to the forum a lot of great people here

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