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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by mateo oglesby, Jul 21, 2014.

  1. mateo oglesby

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    I decided to build a smoker and start smoking meat about 6 months ago...I just happen to be living in Paraguay (1 year at that time)...

    My name is Matthew, aka Mateo... 

    The smoker is built and I am in the process of terminating the chimney...

    I used a caculator I found on the forum for my chamber sizes, chamber openings and chimney height and diameter BUT...

    there are a few twists.

    At this point I have a 2 meter sq. smoke chamber and a fire box (offset) roughly one-third size the smoke chamber. Chimney diameter and height is as specified for size antd the twist is that the chimney has to be vented 40 feet up because I am on the ground floor of a residential building...

    If the chimney diameter is 10 inches then what diameter should the 40 ft vent pipe be to insure proper vent action?

    I have pictures if they would help...

    hoping for some help 
  2. Hello Mateo, welcome to the forum. I believe you are going to have a problem running a 40' stack, is there no other option?

    Gary S
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    I will let some of the smarter people tell you if you can use a smaller exhaust pipe.I did have some properties in Bogota Colombia that I had to vent some of my appliances and fire place up 4 stories it did work.It was a pain to get installed.Good Luck.

  4. mateo oglesby

    mateo oglesby Fire Starter

    nope...that is last best option...what kind of problem do you see?
  5. mateo oglesby

    mateo oglesby Fire Starter

    thanks Dan, we are going to give it a try....I will repost with big concern is the right and left turns off the stack inside to get it outside...combined with the 40 ft vertical run...we shall see...
  6. dandl93

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    If you have to go any distance inside the house before getting out side for your vertical run ? Make sure you run at some kind of sloped angle.Old metal wood stoves in homes used for cooking and heating have always had a few elbows to get the to the exhaust outside.

    Post some pics and good luck

  7. Are you going to attach the stack to the building ? make a slip connection to connect the long stack to the smoker stack., Post some pictures of what you have and where you are running your stack

    Gary S
  8. mateo oglesby

    mateo oglesby Fire Starter

    thanks, I am considering adding an extraction fan to the 10 in diameter exit pipe. What effect will that have on the smoker?
  9. mateo oglesby

    mateo oglesby Fire Starter

    here are some pics to illustrate where I am in process. In short, I have to get the smoke from the top of the chimney INSIDE all the way to the roof. The exterior photos show real-time setup with small stack as well as the 40 ft vertical run that has to be made. The interior photos show the two chimneys and an exit pipe. I put a reverse-flow plate above the bottom two (of 4 equally sized openings) from firebox to smoke box entry hence the two stacks. I maybbe overcomplicating things with reverse flow and I am most concerned with making sure that the chimney has good draw after adding the 40ft. Vertical run. How much diameter from the top of chimney INTERIOR to the end of the 40ft vert run EXTERIOR? Any other advice EXCEPT go to the roof and jump is greatly appreciated.

  10. This is a little out of my comfort zone, I've never done a 40' stack. I have a friend who has a PHD in Physics and is the go to guy on smokers let me email him and see what he says

    Gary S
  11. Here is what my friend replied.

    A tall chimney will not draw very well unless there is a strong fire below, which is problematic for a smoker. Generally, a fan is used near the top of the chimney to artificially suck air through this long pipe. Which is why most high efficiency water and home heaters now use fan vented stacks. However, if he were to design his chimney as if it were a fireplace, then the 10:1 rule is traditional. That is, if the cross section of the firebox is say 30 cm x30 cm=900 cm^2, then the chimney should be a tenth this area, or 90 cm^2, or 11 cm in diameter.  I would probably err towards the larger end, and multiply the diameter by 1.5x.

                That being said, i assume there are some kind of zoning regulations he should obey.

    Hope this helps

    Gary S
  12. mateo oglesby

    mateo oglesby Fire Starter

    I have placed an extractor fan (10 in dia 150 CFM) at the point of exit at the wall of the Bldg. Should I move that extractor to the top of the stack? Is that enough CFM? I guess only one way to find out...thank for your time effort and quick response.
  13. Hey Mateo,  I would give it a try then see if you need to make any adjustments. Wish I would have had more experience with long stacks

    Gary S
  14. oldschoolbbq

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    Welcome , Mateo . Glad you found us.

    Hope you stick around and enlighten us as to cooking in Paraguay.[​IMG]

    Have fun,keep in touch , and . . .
  15. mateo oglesby

    mateo oglesby Fire Starter

    Thanks, Oldschool, I am gonna kick the tires and light the fires this week if the Good Lord is willin' n the creek don't rise. There is no truq here in this S. American Hell-a-dise butt that's all about to change. Many thanks to Gary and the others who took time to respond. Uodates to follow. Yanqui out.
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    Hey Mateo

    Welcome to the Smoking forum. You’ll find great , friendly people here, all more than willing to answer any question you may have. Just ask and you’ll get about 10 different answers—all right. LOL. Don’t forget to post qviews.


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